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30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge

30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge

Are you a fitness gamer? Maybe you have Ring Fit Adventure, a VR fitness game, or do you have a bunch of dance games and need a little motivation? You are invited to join the Fitness Game Club! 😀 Join us on the 30 Day … Read more

Fit By 40 | The journey to getting fit by my 40th birthday

Fit By 40

Getting Fit Before I Turn Forty! How is it possible that I will be turning 40 later this year? 😂😭 I honestly can’t even. I decided it was a good time as any to really get myself sorted out. I’ve been told by 3 Drs … Read more

7 Colours With Katy Photo Challenge | Little Miss Katy Photo Challenge

7 Colours With Katy: Photo Challenge

Are you Insta stuck for ideas? No idea what to post? Join the Little Miss Katy Photo Challenge. Remember when photo challenges were really popular on instagram and there was less pressure to create the ‘perfect photo’? I miss those days and it’s no secret … Read more

Messy Minimalist Challenge

Messy Minimalist Challenge

This might seem strange coming from someone who collects stuff (Funko Pops and amiibo) but I’m actually a minimalist. ???? A messy minimalist anyway. Join me as I take part in the Messy Minimalist Challenge where I will get rid of 10 items everyday from … Read more

100 Days of Code Challenge | Learn to code for free

100 Days of Code

I’m hoping the 100 Days of Code challenge is going to help me manage my anxiety and stress that seem to have been taking over lately. It’s feels like 84 years since I last wrote a blog post on here so please bear with me … Read more

Free Online Coding Courses

Free Online Coding Courses + My Coding Journal

Do you want to learn to code but have no idea where to start? I want to share with you some awesome free online coding courses and resources that I’ve found very helpful in my learning journey. This is also going to be a coding … Read more