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About the Blogger

Hello there!

I’m Vikki, a level 40 nerd living in the Canary Islands with my husband. Can be found drinking coffee, playing video games and spoiling my dogs.

About The Blog

Cuteek.com came about one day in 2006 when I was a 20 something blogging newbie looking for a place to write about my favourite things on the internet that I couldn’t afford. The things on my wish list were both cute and geeky, so I smushed the two words together and Cuteek was born. I was going for the shortest URL I could think of. 😅

Along with geeky products, some of the first posts on Cuteek were MySpace hacks and codes to make your profile look cool. Hello sparkly GIFS, Top 8 friends and my first encounter with CSS. 🤣

Over the years Cuteek changed, was hacked, restarted a few times and is now going stronger than ever. It’s one of the top geek lifestyle blogs online and I’ve had the pleasure of working with brands that I absolutely love, including TruffleShuffle! 😍

I collect Funko Pops, LEGO, love cosplay, gaming, photography and am very much a geek.

If you would like to work with me on any reviews on geek related products, apps, games or merch that you think I would like then please contact me.