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Fit By 40

Fit By 40 | The journey to getting fit by my 40th birthday

Getting Fit Before I Turn Forty! How is it possible that I will be turning 40 later this year? 😂😭 I honestly can’t even. I decided it was a good time as any to really …

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Sweaty Summer July 30 2021

Bitmoji Sweating

Will I every stop sweating? 😅 I was out early on the sports track this morning and was tricked into thinking I wasn’t going to sweat much with it being cloudy. Hah. No such luck. …

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Change of Routine July 28 2021

Bitmoji Early Birds Gets the Worm

Oh hey friend, so you may have noticed that the daily posts haven’t been as daily as usual and that’s because I have a complete change of routine. E has a new job (back to …

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Coffee Shop Mystery July 25 2021

Coffee Shop Mystery

What does everyone do when they need to use the bathroom when working from a coffee shop or bar? I need to know… ? I mean, do you pack everything away or lock it to …

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Daily Geek Blog July 22 2021

On This Day 2020 I wish I had a swimming pool. I guess a big bucket of water is a good substitute. 😅 Watching Just watched The Accidental Husband (2008) and it was the level …

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The Best Statue Ever July 21 2021

Silky Terrier Memorial Figurine

We had a mini statue made in memory of Rambo. I love it. Welcome home puppy. We’re so pleased with it, it captures his essence and little smile so well. I’ll show this off in …

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90s Throwback July 20 2021

90s throwback fashion

Let’s Go To The Mall 🎵 Today E needed to pick up a few work things from the mall so we checked out a few shops. Going into Bershka, Lefties and Pull and Bear is …

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Greetings From El Sofa July 19 2021

Greetings from el sofa

!Qué Calor¡ Hello how are you?! Greetings from el sofá right next to the air con. I’ve taken a little bit of time away from the blog, as regular readers will know I’ve been blogging …

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Time To Chill July 05 2021

Bitmoji Stay Cool

Time To Chill 😅 This morning I woke up with a fuzzy headache, pretty sure it’s the weather as summer just came out of nowhere. E and I had a few errands to run along …

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