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Purple Nintendo Switch Joycon with pink paw thumbgrips

Cuteek Wrapped 2023

It’s time for the Cuteek Wrapped 2023 edition and what a year it was! Let’s dive right in. This is a fun post of all the wrapped and end of year updates from gaming, listening, reading and studying. Regarding content creation it was awesome getting … Read more

Cuteek Backlog Challenge

The Backlog Challenge

Ahh the dreaded gaming backlog. If you are a gamer then it’s very likely that you have an overwhelming backlog of games to play and don’t know where to get started. With digital copies, retro games and even more if you are subscribed to any … Read more

Ring Fit Adventure Club | Fitness Gaming Motivation

Ring Fit Adventure Latissimus Dorsi Challenge

Challenge Accepted! Are you ready for the Ring Fit Adventure Latissimus Dorsi challenge? This was part of a Twitter challenge set by Nintendo of Europe. They posted challenges every week of January 2020. Did you know: The latissimus dorsi is a large, flat muscle on … Read more

Sims Character Challenge

Sims Character Challenge

Shock horror! I’ve never really played The Sims but I really love video game character creation no matter what I’m playing, so when Stacey and Estellosaurus started their fun Sims character challenge I knew I had to join in. A quick look online and there … Read more

Fitness Gaming Challenge October Day 3

October Fitness Gaming Challenge 2021

After the success of the Ring Fit Adventure Club (now the Fitness Game Club) in August and the first round of the Fitness Gaming Challenge in September, we are back! I’m so happy that more people are showing interest in the challenge, it’s the best … Read more

100 Days Of Yoga Challenge

100 Days of Yoga Challenge

Are you feeling a bit meh and looking for a challenge? I was feeling like that so I decided to make the commitment to 100 Days of Yoga (I nearly wrote Yoda haha). Ok so now I have to add a Yoda quote: “You must … Read more