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IKEA Hack Fornbro Table

It’s been a long while since my last IKEA hack when I gave this LACK coffee table a zebra makeover. We’ve had this IKEA FORNBRO side table for as long as I can remember. It’s a chic looking table with bendy legs, that makes me think of Paris, strong coffee and pastel macarons.

IKEA FORNBRO table – so old, it’s discontinued

This table has lived at my side of the sofa for a while (piled high with crap), but as with most of the IKEA light wood here, the heat/sun has discoloured it and it was looking very orange compared to when we bought it. On closer inspection, the table top which was white, has discoloured too.

Our local hardware store has the best selection of chalk paint and while we were picking up some white chalk paint for the bathroom cabinet makeover, this green turquoise chalk paint by Bruguer caught my eye.

Bruguer Chalk Paint Verde Turquesa
Bruguer Chalk Paint in green turquoise

The jar of paint is only small but it really goes a long way. I gave it a good shake and it went on quite thick actually, which I was pleased with because it means less mess and a good coverage.

Here’s how it’s looking with one coat, currently drying over by the window. So far there’s been no paint smell which is a plus and I still have loads of paint left if it needs touch ups or a second coat.

IKEA Hack FORNBRO Table Legs Painted Turquoise
First coat of paint is on – it dries so bright!

What do you think? I’ve chosen this colour as we will eventually be painting our lounge walls in Bruguer’s Scandinavian Grey, which will be a big change from the lilac walls we’ve had for 15 years. The idea is to have pops of turquoise in the decor with a shabby chic beach house theme.

After leaving it to dry a while by the window in our current temps of 35ยบC degrees and high humidity, I was so pleased with the result. The table legs dried perfectly and there was no need for a second coat. I then went a bit paint mad and chalk painted a cork board and an old shabby chic stool while I had the paint out. I did so much with such a small pot of paint!

Here’s the end product! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m made up.

IKEA hack FORNBRO table chalk painted turquoise
Reminds me of a piece of Barbie furniture. I love it!

What DIY would be complete without a before and after shot? I tried my best with the photos but the light is terrible in our house today because of the sandstorm.

IKEA FORNBRO table hack before and after
IKEA FORNBRO before and after!

Thanks for reading,
Vikki ๐ŸŒธ