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Home Design Makeover Review

Home Design Makeover is a mash up between The Property Brothers TV show and Candy Crush, so if you like both of those things then I’m sure you will enjoy this game.

Home Design Makeover Review
Home Design Makeover Review

I was looking for a new iPad game to play, something relaxing, when I spotted it in the app store. The reason it caught my attention is not only is it a home design game but it also has a tile-matching puzzle game included and this got me intrigued.

The story starts off when you meet Julia who you will be working with to create the dream living room for your first client, Rachel in San Francisco.

Home Design Makeover Game
Someone please help this girl!

You are given blueprints to Rachel’s ideal living space and step by step you can choose the different furnishings, including reupholstering the tatty old sofa and renewing the floors.  You might want to start with the floors unless you want to upset Troy the builder.

Home Design Makeover Living Room
Tap on the boxes to add new decor

To design or improve the room decor, you need to pay with imaginary coins, which you earn when you play the gem puzzle game.  

Home Design Makeover Puzzle
Home Design Makeover Match 3 Puzzle

There are other rooms to decorate each with their own little story including a farmhouse kitchen makeover and Parisian bedroom.  The before and after video replay is especially fun once you complete each room and then there’s the endless amount of screenshots.

Home Design Makeover Game Trailer

Of course, the puzzles get more difficult as you advance and the home improvements begin to cost more.

It’s an easy game to go back to when you have some time to relax and I personally like the uniqueness of the match 3 puzzle game and the home designs combined in one game.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Home Design Makeover Lounge
Move over Rachel, this is my living room now

It’s free to download in the app store with in-app purchases. You might even get some home decor inspiration.  I know I’m itching for a visit to IKEA.

TitleHome Design Makeover
Genre: Puzzle, Simulation
Developer: Storm8 Studios
Release Date: Out Now
Age Rating: 4+
PlatformiOS, Android
Price: Free with in-app purchases

Do you like these types of games? Let me know in the comments of any similar games.