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Messy Minimalist Challenge

This might seem strange coming from someone who collects stuff (Funko Pops and amiibo) but I’m actually a minimalist. ???? A messy minimalist anyway. Join me as I take part in the Messy Minimalist Challenge where I will get rid of 10 items everyday from different categories.

Messy Minimalist Challenge
Are you a messy minimalist?

Hoarder to Minimalist Journey

A few years ago when the Kon Mari method began trending, I became obsessed with speed cleaning and house decluttering videos on Youtube. There are even more to watch now, but at the time I found and related to one channel in particular: Messy Minimalist.

Rachel’s videos show the work and emotion that goes into a minimalism journey, plus I’m nosy and find it interesting to see what she gets rid of. It’s been amazing watching her journey over the years as she finally decluttered her garage and has turned it into a family den.

Messy Minimalist Clutter-Free Challenge

Rachel created the Messy Minimalist Challenge which I missed at the time with it being the holidays. The great thing with these declutter challenges is that you can join in when the time is right for you.

Minimalism Goals

I figured I needed a goal for this challenge. That is to have a clean and tidy home office space, that I don’t need to wade through crap on the way to my desk or wonder where that item was a brand sent me over a year ago. ????

If you decide to join in let me know in the comments what your goal is.

I’ve taken part in other decluttering challenges before such as MinsGame by The Minimalists and of course Marie Kondo’s KonMari method.

What drew me to this particular challenge was that it sounds more doable.

Decluttering Prompts

Here are the categories for the Messy Minimalist Challenge. I’ve also made a graphic that you can pin or save to refer back to.

Messy Minimalist Challenge Prompts
Messy Minimalist Challenge Prompts
  1. Jewellery or Accessories
  2. Clothes
  3. Hygiene or Makeup
  4. Nic Nacs or Home Decor
  5. Actual Trash
  6. Kitchen Item
  7. Useless Item
  8. Something Annoying
  9. Something Homeless (you know that thing that floats from room to room)
  10. Fantasy Self Item (those things you have like an art kit that you are never going to use or a video game that you bought because everyone else did and don’t like)

So here goes, time to get rid of 10 things, 1 item a day from each category! If I find anything weird and wonderful along the way, I’ll use the hashtag #MessyMinimalist on Twitter and I’ll be adding to this post over time.

Think of this more like a treasure hunt in your home rather than a chore.

Let’s do this!

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Messy Minimalist Challenge
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