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Sims Character Challenge

Shock horror! I’ve never really played The Sims but I really love video game character creation no matter what I’m playing, so when Stacey and Estellosaurus started their fun Sims character challenge I knew I had to join in.

Sims Character Challenge
Sims Character Challenge

A quick look online and there are loads of fun CAS challenges (including this 33 Day Create a Sim Challenge) but what I love about this one is that we get to vote via Instagram who is the next Sim to create.

Round 1: Estellosaurus + Simply Stacey

For the first round the challenge was to create fellow bloggers Estellosaurus and Simply Stacey! Don’t worry if like me you don’t have The Sims 4 and want to join in, you can grab one of the free Sims Games.

Estellosaurus has bright hair and a bright wardrobe to match so finding the right hair and clothes was crucial.

Sim Character Challenge Estellosaurus
Estellosaurus Sim with that famous bright hair

I downloaded The Sims Mobile app free to my iPad and used the character creation tool. I really like the avatars and hair options much better than Sims Freeplay app. After a few tasks in game, I unlocked a few more features which is great because I don’t have time for the full game right now.

It was fun creating ‘Sim’ply Stacey with her signature striped top and perfect eyebrows. I do wish there had been a short side parting hairstyle for her but this Posh Spice hair is nice too.

Sim Character Challenge Simply Stacey
Simply Stacey Sim with signature striped top.

Round 2: RuPaul Sim

Round 2 was a choice between Meatloaf or RuPaul. RuPaul won the poll!

This week I made the executive decision to download The Sims 4 for PS4. It was in the Playstation Black Friday sale for 9,99€ which I think is an amazing deal for the base game. There are so many more options for character creation than the app versions!

My RuPaul Sim is basically the result of a lot of guesswork ha! I’m not really familiar with the character except that they are a drag queen and did a cheesy song in the 90’s.

I went with OTT makeup although I covered up the eyes with some round white sunglasses. Pink sports socks, heels and a black nightie completed the look. What do you think? ????

RuPaul | The Sims Character Challenge
RuPal Sim | Create a Sim Challenge

Will you be joining in with this create a sim challenge? Let me know in the comments below so I can check out your creations.