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Zumba Dance App

Now I have absolutely no excuse not to exercise when I’m away from home. Today Zumba released their brand new app for tablets, Zumba Dance! I found out about the release via their Youtube video and had to download it right away.

Despite my excitement, I managed to take some screenshots on my iPad, to show you what the ingame screens look like. If you have played Zumba Fitness Rush, you will be familiar with the songs, from the likes of Pitbull, LMFAO and more.

Create a profile

When you start up, the game asks you to create a profile with your statistics, such as height, weight, name and age, which you can go in later and change if need be. It looks like up to 6 profile can be created, so it’s great if a few people in your family want to join in. (Note due to the screen size, this is obviously a one player game, although there’s nothing stopping you and a friend hitting play at the same time on both your iPads.) 🙂
Zumba Dance App

Main Menu

The main menu is pretty straight forward, giving you options to do a single song, full class, make a fitness plan, learn the steps and look at your progress. The Zumba logo button takes you to the free Zumba app in the iTunes or GooglePlay, the gift icon allows you to purchase the game for a friend. You can also find local Zumba classes from this screen and buy DVD’S and Zumba Wear.
zumba dance app

Fitness Plan

The Zumba Fitness Plan is really handy, allowing you to create goals on the go. So if you want to set a goal of playing 20 minutes a day, or burning a certain amount of calories, the app will help remind you and keep track of your progress.
Zumba Dance App


If you are familiar with the XBOX Kinect Zumba games, you know how addictive it can be to strive for those achievement badges by completing certain challenges. This is present in the iPad version of Zumba Dance also, which I’m very happy about. I love collecting these things, which you receive for things like 5 stars in a song.
Zumba Dance App

Zumba on the go!

For research purposes before writing this review, I tried out a single song. I’m pleased with the whole ‘on the go’ aspect of the game and hopefully it will motivate me to get some more workouts in. I spend a lot of time at my desk and it can’t be good for me to be sitting down for such a long time, so I can see myself suddenly jumping up and doing a single song. The full length class has in game purchase options. 43 tracks cost €21,99 which I think is going to be worth it when I go to visit family. Last Christmas I went to visit my parents and Disneyland, so I was away for over a month, having Zumba Dance on my iPad would have been like a dream. I did consider taking my whole XBOX kinect set up with me, but thankfully Zumba come up with an answer to situations like that.

Zumba Dance App

I would recommend Zumba Dance app for those who already know and love Zumba, are on the go, want to workout when away from home and even those who are new to Zumba. I think it’s a great introduction, if you are thinking of going to a live class and are unsure what to expect. It’s also great if you often play via a gaming console and someone else might be watching TV, just take your tablet to another room and join the party!


I just finished doing the short 25 minute class and wow I’m sweating so much! It’s as effective as the XBOX kinect games!

Get Zumba Dance App now from iTunes or GooglePlay for your tablet!