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Zombie Mermaid Doll

Forget about The Walking Dead and make way for The Swimming Dead. I’ve created this Zombie Mermaid Doll in October 2014 as part of the IggleCraftClub October Challenge. I finished just in time for Halloween so I could include it in my spooky decorations!

Halloween Decorations

I’ve been collecting dolls since around 2007 and I especially enjoy creating custom one of a kind dolls, my favourites are the creepy looking ones as you may be able to tell. 😆
My collection consists mainly of Barbie Collector dolls, which I will share in a future post, I have an awesome Captain Jack Sparrow doll!

Fresh Brains

Zombie Mermaid Doll

This Zombie Mermaid Doll draws inspiration from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and old school blue coloured zombies. You probably wouldn’t guess, but she started out as a Disney Simba Princess Belle doll. It was only this afternoon that I decided she would be a mermaid zombie. My first thoughts were to have her sitting up out of a coffin as a normal zombie, with arms outstretched but I just didn’t have the time.

I’m going to go into more detail on how I put her together (need to add to this post), but for now here are some more photos of her and some of my Halloween decorations.

Before and After

Once a beautiful Princess, Belle spent her time in her favourite place, the library. One day the other Princesses invited her to spend some time at the beach, she wishes she hadn’t gone….

Princess Belle Zombie Mermaid Doll - Before and After

Happy Halloween!

Zombie Mermaid Doll

Do you buy or make your Halloween decorations? Have you made anything fun or weird?