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Zombie Flu and Things Not To Eat

I have Zombie Flu and feeling extremely ropey, with a weird old appetite. My Fanta limon tasted like it had Bacardi in it earlier, I made E taste some to prove it and he just looked at me like I’m nuts! (Maybe I am)

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m as legally drugged up as possible (a nice mixture of anxiety pills, pro-biotics, cough syrup, cold and flu powders and paracetamol) it’s like George’s Marvellous Medicine in here!

Zombie Flu

I’ve been pretty ugly ill since around Friday evening, it’s now Tuesday… I think. So we went for some fresh brains air today, I was like a dog with my head out of the car window and the intention was to buy a new vacuum cleaner, you know one of them super duper ones, where you can see what filth you pick up from your floors. Kind of sick but I like the idea.

Then I saw this robotic one which just zooms along on it’s own. I was then distracted by the little keyboards that accessorize iPads and was thinking if I just buy hoover bags for our old vacuum then I can buy myself a nifty little gizmo and blog from bed.

Distracted once again by the fact that we needed a new iron also I then came over all hot and bothered with a Zombie Flu fever and decided to sit down in the vacuum aisle cross legged in the middle of the shop, to see Amazon UK and how much hoovers and irons where on there.

Shopping for an Exercise Bike

My brain then moved onto exercise bikes, ohhh if I buy old hoover bags and don’t get and iPad gizmo then we can get and exercise bike. We were in a shop that sold all of these things thankfully. There it was sturdy and loyal, like a horse, the exercise bike.

Now, don’t get me wrong I loved the ones with the fancy cup holders and the iPod holder but I know for a fact I’ll have music blasting in the whole room and my drink will be in reach anyway.

Most important was sturdiness, comfy seat, heart rate thingy and a display. It was 99€ and we were ready to buy it when the guy was like oh sorry that’s just display and the other ones don’t come in until next Tuesday. We put our name down, so here’s hoping that when this Zombie Flu passes we will have the motivation to use the bike when it arrives.

No More Cheese?

Looks like I’m bloody lactose intolerant doesn’t it?! Agh! Of all the the things, why can’t I be sensitive to sprouts instead or something boring like melon? Lucky me I found lactose free cheese that only has a slight plastic taste to it.

That’s all from me for now, I surprised I managed to write this much – time to catch up with some TV and eat my fizzy sweets. Hopefully E will make me a fake news cheese toasty in the half-time of the Real Madrid and Manchester United match. 😀