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Zelda Shirts by Prophecy Girl

These amazing ladies Zelda shirts were a lovely gift from British geek clothing brand Prophecy Girl whom I’ve purchased from in the past. I suppose you could call these blouses rather than shirts. The type you could wear to the office and until you get close up and really pay attention you wouldn’t know they were nerdy.

Zelda 8-Bit Heart Shirt from Prophecy Girl

My usual wardrobe is yoga pants of some kind and a geeky logo t-shirt so at first it felt a bit strange to be wearing a blouse but at the same time I was keen to see what people’s reactions were to seeing such a unique top and feeling a bit dressed up but still geeky ha!

The day I wore my Gamer at Heart shirt we went to the park and had a nice walk where I roped my Fiancé into a geek photoshoot. This shirt has an 8-bit heart design that gives me those old school Legend of Zelda feels and makes me want play A Link To the Past on the SNES mini classic all weekend.

There was a lovely duck pond at the park with Breath of the Wild vibes so after taking a couple of pics by the trees we headed over to see the ducks and swans.

Zelda 8-Bit Heart Shirt from Prophecy Girl

I wanted a nice photo of the back of the shirt to really show off the pattern and all of a sudden I noticed a big bird poo down the front of my top! I’m not sure whether I was a walking target or had leaned on a poopy railing but I’m so glad we weren’t far from the car where I washed it off. It’s supposed to be good luck, right? ?

Suffice to say I washed it as soon as we got home, dried it and didn’t even have to iron it! This is a big deal for me because, who really enjoys ironing? Our iron is rubbish and our area has hard water so almost everything comes out of the washing machine creased. Not with this shirt! I literally dried it and put it back on again.

This is the Rupee Tuesday shirt and has cute colourful Zelda rupees pattern throughout. I paired it again with my black skinny jeans and this was the day we went on a walk up a waterfall with our dog Señor Rambo. It was a warmer day and I was glad of the comfortable armholes which also give great arm movement when you are sat at your desk typing.

Zelda Rupee Shirt by Prophecy Girl

Once again my Fiancé was taking the photos but he found it a little difficult this time as Rambo (who is partially blind and 13yrs old) decided he was going to relive his youth that day and dragged him up the waterfall, stopping for a paddle and a drink. It was hilarious! ?

Both shirts reached me in perfect condition because they were packed so well with a layer of tissue paper and sealed bags. Being the complete nerd that I am, I even peeled off the Prophecy Girl stickers and put them on my bullet journal.

Zelda Shirts | Prophecy Girl Geek Fashion

If you are looking for some awesome office style geek wear to show off your gamer girl side then I totally recommend you give these shirts a go. They are so well made and there are so many ways to wear them. Both shirts were super comfy and screamed nerdy!


I must add that I was really happy with the length of these tops as I’m a petite 5ft 3″ and can be really picky with lengths of tops. The size chart on Prophecy Girl website takes all the guesswork out and sizes go from XS to 4XL which I think is awesome to have such variety. I take a size 14 UK in tops so I chose the size XL.

Prophecy Girl ship worldwide which is one of the reasons I purchased from them in the first place, that and I love to support small businesses, especially nerdy ones!

Let me know in the comments if you order any and which one is your favourite?

*I received these shirts as a gift from Prophecy Girl and decided to include them on Cuteek with my honest opinions. I have purchased from this company in the past.

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Zelda Shirts | Geek Fashion