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Geeky Weekly 01 Fortnite

Geek Week 01 | Youtube, Eyebrows and Gaming

Welcome to a new series on Cuteek, introducing the first issue of Geek Week! This is a geek blog post that goes out on Friday (inspired by DaisyButter’s Sundaze and Fridaze by Melina Elisa. 💕 It’s a weekly round up of things that have happened in my geek life and ...

Welcome to a new series on Cuteek, introducing the first issue of Geek Week! This is a geek blog post that goes out on Friday (inspired by DaisyButter’s Sundaze and Fridaze by Melina Elisa. 💕 It’s a weekly round up of things that have happened in my geek life and content I’ve created during the week. So grab a cozy drink and let’s get started!

Geeky Weekly 01 Fortnite
Geeky Weekly 01 – my view from the sofa when I’m streaming

Games I’m playing

  • This evening I streamed LEGO Fornite on YouTube. I barely knew anything about it prior to playing tonight so it was all new to me and it was fun running round clueless. It was a super cozy stream, I had a fizzy drink, my blanket and my pjs.
  • Your girl is back on Animal Crossing New Horizons! I started by streaming a few sessions to get back into it and honestly think this is the way. My island is a mess so I’m focusing on decluttering and getting rid of all the annoying flowers before I start terraforming.
  • This morning I made it back to Ring Fit Adventure I can’t believe I’m finally back to my favourite fitness game! I really enjoyed my workout this morning and reached level 49! My 40+ year old body is going to remind me of those wide squats tomorrow morning I’m sure.
  • Dragon Quest XI S Echoes of an Elusive Age is a beautiful game and I’m enjoying the journey so much, the music, the Zelda like vibes and the cute Slime monsters.
  • Fall Guys is feeling blah for me lately although there are some amazing creator levels so it’s worth checking those out.  I’m glad I don’t pay for fame pass though.

Feel so good to be back on my Ring Fit Adventure journey! 👇💪

YouTube milestone 🥳

This week I totally got out of my comfort zone and did a YouTube Shorts Live with my face, rather than playing a video game.  It was a bit nerve wracking but the chat was super friendly and it was a whole new group of people than those who usually drop in on my channel. During the live we reached a milestone of 3,200 subs which is incredible!  I’m playing about with a few different ideas but of course all geek lifestyle and gaming content.

TikTok said this is the length from everyone’s bed to the fridge! 👇🤯😵‍💫

RIP Netflix 🥲

In an attempt to simplify some more and in keeping with my somewhat geek minimalist lifestyle we have canceled some of our streaming services including Netflix, Spotify, Nintendo Switch Online (cries*)

I have been consuming far too much tv in the last months and I would much rather be gaming anyway. Nintendo Switch Online runs out in November so I can deal with that but it’s going to be strange saying goodbye to Netflix after all these years.  It’s made me more conscious of how many films I’m watching, but I’ll definitely be watching the new Lindsay Lohan film Irish Wish tomorrow with the dogs. 😝

I finished reading two books!

This is a big deal for me. I have read 40% of about 5 different books so I’m trying to focus on one at a time and get through them.

  • The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss is my first read of 2024 and according to Goodreads I started it in 2021. 🤣 It’s a very outdated version but there were some very good nuggets of info. There was a lot that I skipped though because it wasn’t relevant to my WFH life/biz.
  • The second book I read was The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and it was my second attempt at reading it. I’m glad I gave it another chance and I’m definitely seeing hygge in everyday life now. I used to think it was bubble baths, snow outside, hot chocolate and candles. But I can see how summer hygge can be a thing which is handy since I live on an island and all. 🌴🤣

My eyebrows fell off

At the end of February I had microblading done aka eyebrow tattoos and this week after 14 days I finally saw the (totally normal btw) flaking stage. It freaked me out and no matter how many micro blading journey videos I watched on YouTube I still thought my eyebrows had disappeared lol.

It’s nice to wash my face again though and it’s done wonders for my confidence and 3 remaining eyebrow hairs. 😅 I have a follow up appointment in April where we can check the shape and colour once they are fully healed and make any changes.

Of course I made a YouTube Short about my eyebrow dilemma 😅👇

I hope you have had a lovely week and have an awesome weekend! It’s carnival time here and St Patrick’s weekend so it should be fun and I will tell you all about it next Friday in Geek Week 02.

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Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🍀🌈🍺

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