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XBOX One Reveal Live Blog

The day has finally arrived! The day of the big #XBOXReveal is finally here!

I’m really hoping to see the new XBOX console today in the live event, I’m hoping for some fun Kinect news and improved tracking.

New XBOX controller?

new xbox controller

Lol maybe not! Some questions popping up are about the Xbox achievements. Will our old achievements carry over onto the New System?

XBOX Memories is trending on Twitter. I remember buying my XBOX not too many years ago just for the Kinect!

It’s started!

“For the first time you and your tv are going to have a relationship!” This is interesting information for the lonely and single 😉

Introducing the XBOX one! Wow this is looking nice. Here’s the first look at the brand new xbox console.

xbox one

The instant switching between the tv, gaming and watching movies – is supposedly as fast as switching the remote, all voice controlled.

They have developed a weird sort of pinch and zoom with your hands to get back to the main screen.

Snap Mode: Run multi programs alongside each other. Watch a movie and see second screen

Skype: Group video calls exclusive to XBOX one. “XBOX answer call” Skype and snap mode run alongside each other while in movie, or tv mode.

Xbox One Guide – find discover and watch tv. Voice activated and local listings. No more hunting for the remote control. Favourites – pin your favourite shows.
Trending shows what the xbox community are watching.

They are now giving specs and a view under the hood. Kinected and ready. There’s a Blu-Ray drive in this new console! I’m excited about this.

Smart device will act like it’s born to work with the XBOX. They mentioned how the Kinect is going to have improved tracking. Did I just hear that it will read heartbeats?

300,000 servers for the Xbox One for this year. Content will be stored in the cloud. Achievements improved with more stats.
Bigger matches with more players. Completely redefined.

Sounds like they are saving a few goodies for E3 event as to not give much away.

EA Sports guy has just been on and now they announced Forza 5 which will be available at launch and they will show more at E3.

They are talking about Halo and how Steven Spielberg is bringing a Halo tv series to XBOX.

Assassins Creed Black Flag pirate game will be available on the new console. This sounds interesting!

XBOX One available around the world later this year. I’m hoping they don’t wait for the Christmas shopping time otherwise it will be impossible to find.

Here’s a nice vine video up close and personal with the new xbox 1

Call of Duty Ghosts has just been announced for the new Xbox, with new characters, new story and emotional reality. Good news for COD fans, I’m hopeless at the game but I can see how there will be a lot of happy people out there right now. They are showing the WORLD premiere of the new Call of Duty Ghosts game.

UBISOFT confirmed on Twitter that Assassins Creed Black Flag and Watch_Dogs will be available on the XBOXone.

Well that’s all folks, they faded out after the COD premiere and reminded us that E3 will reveal more. Until then I suppose. Are you excited about the new XBOX one console? What games are you looking forward to?

Will XBOX 360 games work on XBOX one?
Will my Kinect games such as Zumba Fitness carry over to the XBOX one?