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Worst Sandstorm Ever

We had an epic sandstorm yesterday, I mean, it looked like something from Planet Jakku.

Planet Jakku Sandstorm
Real life Planet Jakku Sandstorm

It’s looking a bit better today and we had eerie blood rain early this morning. It feels like I have half the desert in my lungs at the moment and have developed a cough, which is not great at a time when the Coronavirus is spreading across the globe.

I’ve been wearing my scarf to go outside and there were people wearing dust masks out and about today. There really should have been some warning not to go outside because the air was hazardous! This is probably one of the worst sandstorms ever in the Canary Islands in all the years I’ve lived here.

Here’s a video of what it was like at the beach!

Worst Sandstorm Ever | The Canary Islands Calima

The sand and grit gets EVERYWHERE. Even with the windows shut, it coats everything in the house with a fine red sand. I’ll be spending most of the day cleaning and then relaxing with some video games.