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Work With Me

Do you want to work with a top lifestyle blogger that’s also a huge nerd? That’s me! 🙋🏼‍♀️

For well over a decade I’ve been writing here at Cuteek.com a successful geek lifestyle blog covering everything from video game reviews, to tech and retro geek merchandise.

This has given me the platform to work with a variety of brands including TruffleShuffle, Prophecy Girl, Dyson and several video game publishers. I’m also an ambassador for Outright Games.

How Can I Help Your Tech/Gaming/Nerd Brand?

Of course it would depend on what we decide in our collaboration but in the past I’ve done product reviews on my blog and YouTube streams or mentions well after I’ve received the product. That’s usually because I’m a big fan of what you make and I will always write my honest review and tell all of my friends about your product if I enjoy it.

Video Games:

I’m currently available for video game reviews for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5 and iOS. My preference is indie games and puzzles, point n click and cute, wholesome games. These reviews are available in the form of YouTube stream, walkthrough/let’s play, Shorts and or written blog review, depending on what we decide on.

Geek Fashion, Nerd Merch and Tech

If you make t-shirts or nerdy clothing, there’s a good chance I’m already a fan. Just one advantage of working with me is that I have stunning year round scenery like palm trees, sunshine, mountains and beaches to properly show off your product. This year I’d love to work with some more tech brands.

Zelda 8-Bit Heart Shirt from Prophecy Girl

If you’d like to work with me on something not mentioned, I’d still like to hear from you. You never know.

So if your brand has a product or campaign that fits the theme of the blog then we should chat! I will always give my honest unbiased opinion on a product and fully disclose that it was gifted or part of a collaboration.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Here are some of the brands I’ve been so happy to work with and be featured by:

Gaming: Outright Games, Young Horses, Stolen Couch Games, Merge Games, Jankenteam, MixedBag Games, FootPrints Games, Marvelous Europe

Tech: Dyson

Fashion: TruffleShuffle, OMG Fashion, Prophecy Girl, Dylon

Beauty: Scholl UK, Hawaiian Tropic

Misc: Creoly UK, Innabox, Titan Books, BOOMF, ParaPark Escape Rooms

Travel: Radisson Blu, Brussels Airlines

Drop me a message to see how we can work together: