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Work With Me

Do you want to work with a geek lifestyle blogger? That’s me! 🙋🏼

I cover all things cute and geeky, from gaming to nerdy merch, fashion and tech.

If your brand has a product or campaign that fits the theme of the blog then we should chat! I will always give my honest unbiased opinion on a product and fully disclose that it was gifted or part of a collaboration.

Below you can see some of the companies and brands I’ve worked with previously.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Gaming: Young Horses, Stolen Couch Games, Merge Games, Jankenteam, MixedBag Games, FootPrints Games, Marvelous Europe

Tech: Dyson

Fashion: TruffleShuffle, OMG Fashion, Prophecy Girl, Dylon

Beauty: Scholl UK, Hawaiian Tropic

Misc: Creoly UK, Innabox, Titan Books, BOOMF, ParaPark Escape Rooms

Drop me a message to see how we can work together: