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I Woke Up Like This

Ugh, I woke up feeling so sick, here’s hoping a sofa day sorts me out. 🤢

Bitmoji throwing up
I woke up like this

Day 2 of 100 Days of Code

  • Coding from the sofa
  • So today I surprised myself. Despite waking up feeling awful I still opened up my laptop to study a little. I wouldn’t usually but it was a good distraction from the nausea.
  • I worked on CSS Descendant Selectors and basically it was one of those days where I had totally underestimated myself and gave myself a pat on the back. 😅

Feeling better so I decided to write a quick blog post and wrote 500 words in no time at all, seems I have plenty to say haha. A new Geek Life Lately has dropped aka Livin La Vida Furlough.

On This Day 2020

  • Gaming
    • I want to stream Animal Crossing New Horizons but does anyone really want to see my trash island?
    • Will somebody get Daisy Mae a tissue? 🤧😂

On This Day 2018

I currently have the FitBit Blaze and I’m super happy with it. The Versa looks amazing though. I figured the Apple Watch would be my next upgrade but I’m not sure.

On This Day 2016

Bought an official The Simpsons donut today from Hiperdino and the bottom was all squidgy. Obviously frozen and left out to defrost, not fresh at all. Now I do not want donuts ever again.

Flossie Teacake’s Fur Coat by Hunter Davies is one of my all time favourite books from my childhood. It was total escapism for me as a kid and I recently re-read it again. Best book ever.

In the middle of moving all my favourite blogs from Bloglovin over to feedly. I really like the layout and no pressure to get followers.

On This Day 2012

My life has changed since I got the Mophie juice pack for my iPhone 3G. No more dead battery.