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White Feather Quill Dip Pen by Creoly

I’ve been having so much fun testing out this white feather quill dip pen from awesome online stationery shop Creoly*!

White Feather Quill Pen Creoly

I’m not sure I would ever have thought to purchase this type of pen for myself until I got my hands on it. Having just watched all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones and slowly working myself through the Harry Potter books and films, the idea of writing oldie worldie notes is highly appealing.

On opening the packet I was just in awe of how pretty the pen is with it’s white feather and ornate nib. I checked beforehand that this pen is cruelty free, no Hedwigs were harmed in it’s creation. The pen looks heavy but has a nice balance once in the hand. The brass body is well made and adds to the authenticity.

Harry Potter Feather Ink Pen

As I didn’t have any dipping ink at home I totally improvised with watercolours and an ink cartridge from my HiTecPoint cartridge system pen. After testing it out though I would adore some Harry Potter inspired inkwells in green and violet.

White Feather Quill Pen Harry Potter

Aside from sending Ravens and Owls, you could totally use this to address envelopes on snail mail or Game of Thrones wedding invitations. The feel of writing and dipping this beautiful pen has a very personal touch to it knowing the care that goes into the completion of each word.

How to write with a feather pen

My penmanship could be so much better and one of my goals this season is to improve my hand-lettering. I think if you had such a pretty pen as this then it’s only going to inspire you more.

The last time I used an ink pen similar to this was in Junior School when we did a project using coloured Indian ink and that was a LONG time ago LOL. We also used fountain pens so that’s the only experience I have prior to using this type of pen.

This white feather quill dip pen is the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans, especially if you bundle it with some parchment and pretty ink. Creoly have some beautiful inks on their website, I’m in love with the turquoise! ?

Have you ever tried using this kind of pen?

*Creoly provided me with this beautiful pen in exchange for my honest review.

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White Feather Quill Pen
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