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What I Would Have Tweeted

What I Would Have Tweeted is a project archiving all those random thoughts that I would have tweeted. When I quit all other social media I began to lean heavily on Twitter and it turned into a bad habit.

What I Would Have Tweeted

For several reasons, like my tendency to hyper-focus on the wrong things (probably ADHD) and the fact that I have a ton of non social media things to do, I thought it was time to quit twitter.

I mean I could just get a notebook and write down these amazing insights and witty thoughts I have throughout the day, but where’s the fun in that? 😆

Let’s see how I get on as the blogger without social media and what if anything changes along the way.

October 2022

  • If you need a gentle kick up the ass, listen to Mel Robbin’s new podcast 🔥
    • “You gotta give up the shit that weighs you down”
    • “Act like the future you”
    • “Find the proof that you can do it”
    • “If they can do it, I can do it”
    • “Doing the little things every single day, that align with where you’re going and who you want to become, that’s the secret. It works! The bottom line is you have the power to change your life, period.”
    • “If you can make today just a little better, guess what? You can make tomorrow a little better.”
    • “You deserve to be happy.”
    • “Wake up and get your ass out of bed! Get dressed, get yourself out the door and do the things that make you feel slightly better”
    • “Is it one day, or day one?”
  • 06:50am dark out and moonlight is streaming into my house from the Hunter’s Moon… spooky!
  • Almost walked into a tree branch playing Pokémon Go 😂
  • Celebrating 700 days of Duolingo.
  • Have a feeling that personal blogging is about to make a big comeback
  • Remember when META’s Instagram was revealed as the ‘more dangerous’ social media and people continued to use it? I imagine the same will happen to Twitter if and when it changes ownership and vision.
  • “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucious
  • “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” — Amelia Earhart
  • The greatest project you’ll ever work on is you.
  • there’s a locust just casually watching me eat breakfast, must have flown in from the Sahara
  • Walls are so thin, can hear my neighbors brushing their teeth. Sometimes hear them sneezing too. I sneezed once, my neighbour shouted bless you
  • YouTube handles are coming. They are reserving our channel url names to be the same as handles, but we can change them if need be. Mine is www.youtube.com/@cuteek and hopefully we will see as it rolls out what YouTube plan to do with this new feature. I think they are probably working behind the scenes on a more social aspect of the platform. At the moment you can mention other channels in your community status but not many people are seeing the notifications or are not used to checking.
  • It’s a shame we can’t convert regular YouTube videos to shorts in the desktop editor, it would make life so much easier
  • The end of clickable hashtags on Twitter? This would probably get rid of a ton of bots/RT only accounts.
  • Memories of watching the 1985 horror film House. I was 4yo when I saw it so I was terrified. I don’t remember much except the bathroom cabinet mirror. Might have to have a rewatch now. Haha reminds me, me and my cousin would go to the local video shop with permission from my auntie to rent out all kinds of horror films on VHS. We bought loads of sweets and rented the scariest VHS.
  • I fell asleep in Waterstones once on the comfy seats. It was a rainy day and they had a coffee shop inside the store! Such a vibe.
  • Me forgetting I’m in the middle of a stream: BRB chat! *goes to toilet, gets drink, goes back to fridge chooses snack, sits down on sofa* OH CRAP! THE STREAMMMM!
  • Chester and Cooper peed all over the floor and side of the sofa, then passed out. Little angels 😅
  • LEGO Pirates time
  • Already feeling 500 kilos lighter that I’ve made my official exit from Twitter. I purposely turned off replies because I didn’t want it to turn into something it’s not. But a little 2% of me is like wow no one really cares.
  • It’s kind of sad when you want to keep in touch with someone and they haven’t updated their blog in 3 years.
  • As part of my Twitter exit I unfollowed everyone. My follow count has slowly dropped in the last 24 hours. I appreciate the handful of people that have reached out. It’s obvious who had f4f bots running that’s for sure and it’s also obvious who has me muted as they have no idea I’ve even left. I’m considering what to do as regards deleting my account, deactivating or leaving it up and logging out. I think the latter will work best for me and allow people to see the link to the YouTube Community tab which is now where I’ll be hanging out.
  • A reminder that people care less than you think and it’s impossible to keep up with 100s of friend’s lives. Starting to think I should have made a more dramatic exit from Twitter. 😅
  • We have some builders here today fixing shade on our roof garden. It’s exciting!
  • No way ill get a win in Fall Guys today, its full of Friday sweats 😂
  • I’m considering playing Resident Evil on stream…. I’ve never played RE before and I think it could be hilarious to do 1 hour of me playing. There’s way too many games I want to play for me to try for completion but I reckon cuteek plays ….. could be something fun and I could try games I wouldn’t normally play without the pressure to grind for plats.
  • I’ve never played UNO before and would like to get the card game for some off screen activity. I’m giving the playstation version a go so I can figure out the rules first. That didn’t last long, it was asking me to sign into my Ubisoft account before i could play, god knows what my password is hahah.
  • I ended up playing Toy Story 3 on playstation plus premium and it’s even sweatier than fall guys, the controls are absolutely awful lol.
  • The fact that I’m still getting tagged in stuff on Twitter is hilarious. Convinced I’m muted by a lot of people doing this, either that or they follow so many people they can’t keep up. My account is still up to give people chance to see the new links and for me to get my archive sent over to my blog.
  • Kind of sad how much time I wasted on Twitter. This is my first Saturday without it and I find myself just enjoying some peace rather than a full timeline of updates
  • I’m so good at Fall Guys that I’m bad
  • Look on Amazon for DXRacer chair covers
  • Klonoa 2 was one of my first PS2 games
  • Enjoying a chilled morning and now I have some chores to do on our roof garden. Excited to make new use of the space
  • Hoping to play some more Toy Story 3 later. I didn’t expect it to be such a sweaty game haha
  • I’m wondering what the deal is with YouTube community posts. We have 2,000+ subs and hardly anyone is seeing the posts. Very strange.

September 2022

  • I earned the Ahead of The Pack Trophy in Fall Guys – I screamed the house down and woke E up from his siesta LOL.
  • So glad I made the decision to keep Cuteek as a hobby and quit full time content creation as a job. I work in digital marketing and the stress of trying to do both just wasn’t worth it. The actual relief and zen is 😌 Now I have time to actually *enjoy* my hobby stress free
  • Twitter Lists are great if your timeline is feeling a bit overwhelming
  • Nintendo Switch Sports is my first game of September
  • Spent ages cleaning sand from our roof garden last night only for it to rain again, spreading sand everywhere
  • twisting yourself up in knots for content creation is a big nope
  • why are the download and delete forever buttons so close together in youtube studio?
  • “I have had lots of troubles in my life, most of which never happened.” — Mark Twain
  • when the weekend is so close you can smell it
  • Forgot how much I love playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
  • *blows layer of dust off Ring Fit*
  • The relief of not having to pause a game and write review notes is indescribable… I’ve put off playing so many games over the years because of this
  • It’s typical that now I quit full time content creation several offers have dropped into my emails.
  • My mum just video called me from an Airbnb my family are staying at in UK. There are 7 crucifixes hidden all over the house, behind beds and nailed to wooden beams. Living in Spain I’m used to seeing crucifixes displayed proudly in people’s homes, but this was something else. When they leave to go out, “the owner seems to appear out of thin air” 😆
  • Good start to the day deleting my unused Instagram account. Deactivating it is not enough as they keep reactivating it without my permission.
  • Today I’ve been 14 years on Twitter (had a brief break this year and lost my username haha)
  • Why did nobody tell me to play Mafia sooner?
  • When it’s bedtime but you’re hyper
  • Great to see everyone enjoying Dreamlight Valley, I decided to hold off until it’s F2P. I have so many games to play and season 2 of Fall Guys coming soon I just don’t have time. My next purchase will be Return To Monkey Island which is a no brainer for me.
  • I’ll always be 5 iPhones behind and I’m ok with that
  • Today is a bank holiday and the start of a long weekend, best day ever.
  • Simplify
  • I really hope Fall Guys S2 drops on Friday
  • All I want to do is play video games
  • Planned to do chores this evening but it’s so hot and I don’t have the energy. I just threw some Don Limpio around the bathroom instead 😅 best smell ever!
  • Thor Love and Thunder was bloody awesome! And now I just saw the very very end and I’m crying.
  • Just played LocoRoco for the first time. What a cute little game!
  • Played a bit of LEGO Batman The Videogame. The trophy hunter in me was dissatisfied with this one (there are none). Great game otherwise hahah.
  • LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes here we go! Now this one DOES have trophies. 😜 No messing around with this game. Straight into the action
  • Feel like someone used both my kidneys as a punch bag, here’s hoping the antibiotics kick in soon
  • So glad I avoided spoilers for Fall Guys S2, the new artwork is 🔥 I treated myself to the Season Pass Bundle. First time buying ShowBucks, it was almost too easy to do via the PS app
  • Listening to Fleetwood Mac while playing Fall Guys. Two very different vibes
  • My kidney infection is still lingering but I’m not in as much pain now thankfully. My poor beans.
  • I’ve had renal colic ALL NIGHT
  • Return to Monkey Island is MAGNIFICENT!
  • 7:40am and still dark out so I’m going to make myself a herbal tea and play some Switch in bed before work. Also it’s 22°c this morning so it’s ‘cool’ enough to put a thin sheet on the bed. (Duvet is in storage for another month)
  • They’re a 10 but they smack their Apple Watch on the door handle everyday
  • small goals for today
    • ring fit adventure: warm up and cool down ONLY
    • remove last month’s nail polish
    • change bedsheets
  • spent a good chunk of the afternoon completely absorbed in return to monkey island….
  • In bed listening to the rain…such a novelty not to wake up sweating
  • So apparently rainy weather makes me snack a lot. I have made several successful trips to the fridge
  • I think we need a second PlayStation4 in this house
  • PlayStation Stars sounds similar to the digital collectibles on Nintendo Switch which is fun. Completing tasks or earning certain trophies to unlock collectibles.
  • If Twitter disappeared today, what would you do with all that spare time?
  • “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • I’m currently binging Fresh Off The Boat on Disney+, Jessica is hilarious! I noticed in the credits it was based on Eddie Huang’s memoir and had to get it. Now I read the book in Eddie’s character and voice in mind. So far I really like the book, it’s got more depth obviously with it being his real story.
  • Using an umbrella for the first time in about 20 years. Glad we went out for coffee just now before the storm really hits. We’ve been put on red alert and told not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary
  • I went from 5s to iPhone 11 a few years ago and was so pleased with the quality and difference. The 5s is like a little calculator in comparison
  • My Fall Guys gaming experience is 90% luck 10% arrogance 😂
  • memories of my Mum buing me the She-Ra dolls from KwikSave
  • I’ve given up on Twitter. I unfollowed a lot of people, it’s too much to keep up with sometimes and very distracting
  • Cosmog is easily in my top 10 fave Pokémon
  • I’ve just started playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon. It’s fantastic!

August 2022

  • Trying to stay zen after the toaster broke and tripped the electric in my house right before work. First day back after a month, internet is back at least 😅 It wasn’t off for long and at least my crumpets were done before the toaster packed in haha
  • Now the fridge is beeping.
  • It’s so typical, gave me motivation to clean my workspace at least which was covered in last week’s sandstorm.
  • I like to take my time with games but the internet encourages a race to finish. Same with films and tv.
  • Dealing with a troll. They were cool at first but then they turned strange and condescending. Instead of citing the source they continue to pass my work off as their own, using my hashtag. They are blocked so I won’t see them at least… and I won’t give them another thought.
  • I really liked Rogue One so I’m looking forward to more of this storyline in Andor and of course Diego Luna
  • Met up with friends for the first time since the pandemic. These particular friends I haven’t seen in 10 years + used to work with them every day. Spoke Spanish the whole time except for some German/Italian/English explanation of a few words. Quite proud of myself. Since the pandemic I’ve been so hesitant leaving the house and avoided meeting with other people. Hardly seen family apart from my parents at Christmas. This was spontaneous so it worked perfectly rather than working myself up over it. It was a good step. I’m so used to only the company of my fiancé and dogs but no one else. Hopefully I can get my confidence back bit by bit.
  • Old instagram was the best. I really can’t stand it that’s why I left as an influencer myself.
  • Playing Fall Guys with my biggest fans, Chester and Cooper 😂
  • me: oh I’m good at this level also me: eliminated again
  • On a serious Fall Guys grind this afternoon
  • It’s official! Goodbye pandemic weight. Now to work on the rest.
  • Late lunch. Feta salad is the one.
  • One cup of coffee a day for me but it has to be superior. I’m talking gently sun roasted Colombian beans, cortadito largo in a glass and just a splash of leche. Perfecto.
  • Now watching: The Batman and munching on some Fini sour tongue sweets. Michael Keaton has always been my favourite Batman but Robert Pattinson is bringing something else to the table completely. Bloody hell that was great!
  • The absolute grind for Crown Rank 10 in Fall Guys
  • I got a twitchy eyelid for 2 weeks after having C0VID and I ended up filming my face to see what was going on. It felt worse than it looked thankfully.
  • I haven’t had English breakfast tea in about 20 years
  • So I got up put yoga pants on and came back to bed. There’s an ocean breeze drifting in through the window and it’s the first time I’m under a blanket in months so I will enjoy this snug time until I do my morning workout.
  • I didn’t realize I could play Yoga Master on Nintendo Switch without JoyCons and they kept swinging and hitting me in the head. 😂
  • Bit of a queue for Rumbleverse. I got to the lobby and character creation but can’t get into a game. Been trying since day 1 now
  • Played Fall Guys on my Fiancé’s fresh account and managed to get the trophies I don’t have on my own. whyyyyy? I won my first race in solos but I think I was matched with other ‘new accounts’ so the skill level was different?
  • So much smoking in the original Jurassic Park film.
  • Just woken up from an epic siesta. It’s now 7:30pm and almost time to go to bed again
  • I never want to play Ski Fall finals ever again.
  • If only we could earn trophies by doing real life tasks
  • Changing out of a sweaty sports bra is like an Olympic sport
  • Remember the Vitalite margarine ads? My parents bought that stuff for years. It was like plastic.
  • Now watching: Keep Breathing on Netlix. Crying my eyes out.
  • Reached level 93 of Season 1 Fall Guys. The donut sprinkle backpack is why I’m here and I’ve rage quit 6 times. I’ve never screamed so much at such a cute looking game
  • Twitter fatigue is real. I’m going to ease off a bit (despite still having to use it for work)
  • Fall Guys level 95 and new fashions! Road to 100 here we goooooo!
  • “He who is everywhere is nowhere.” – Seneca
  • I cannot wait to see Thor Love and Thunder
  • I’ll always cherish the VBulletin of the early 2000s. I miss forums, I find Discord so difficult to use and Twitter is …. Twitter
  • Kudos Carnival LETS GOOOOO!!!
  • Now watching: Mo on Netflix
  • WE DID IT!!!! Maxed out in Fall Guys Season 1 wooooooooooo!!
  • “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” — Maya Angelou
  • So I just had to Google the meaning of “Dubs” yes…. I am old…. I had no idea, was thinking along the lines of playing duos/doubles in a game
  • Slime climb is full of griefers tonight. If I play duos I get partnered with Rookies which I don’t mind, I’m not the best. But they are not moving from the start line. If I play Slime Climb I’m stuck with a load of sweats. I just want to have fun.
  • I deleted all my socials last year but came back to Twitter. I’ve been on there 14 yrs, it’s the best of them all. No app is worth getting anxiety
  • Am I playing the video game or is the video game playing me?
  • why are all beginner crochet tutorial videos so complicated?
  • IT’S RAINING IM SO HAPPY!!! it’s nice to feel so energized water is my favourite element.
  • 666 DAYS OF DUOLINGO!!!!

June 2022

  • “Confidence is the game game … work on it like you work on working out or other skills” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Just woke up from a 3 hour siesta
  • Now watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It’s one of my favourite Marvel films so far!
  • My head cold left me with a twitch in my left eye. I think I did have COVID after all. It was like having a drained battery for a week, thought I was better at one point then awful again the next day. I have started with a cough didn’t have it at first. Sneezed this morning and it was like a massive release from my head. It’s been stuck round my eyes and nose.
  • Now watching: Baywatch – I didn’t realise that Zac Efron was so funny!
  • Now watching: Hotel For Dogs
  • Duolingo June challenge complete 😀
  • “You can be competitive while still being a kind person” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Chihuahua hair gets EVERYWHERE
  • I just ate a lichee fruit for the first time ever from a friend’s tree. Initial thoughts: “omg it looks like an eyeball!” Taste: kind of like a sweet green grape and a nectarina had a baby would eat again!
  • Trying the old Listerine on sweaty gym t-shirt trick, fingers crossed it works. I let the T-shirts soak for 30 mins with purple Listerine in the armpits, then put them on a quick wash. Now my t-shirts smell of teeth. I think they will have be replaced anyway but they are my fave Adidas tops so at least I’ll get another Summer out of them.
  • Underwater levels suck
  • Chris Pratt is great and everything but why not use an Italian actor this time?
  • part of being a social media manager is replying to and liking your own brand tweets
  • Strawberry soda + video games in my cave
  • I now have PlayStation premium *flips hair*
  • is a topic or person on twitter affecting your mental health? mute, unfollow, block… have a nice day
  • Trophy unlocked: All dishes washed after a water cut
  • I will always be ready to Return to Monkey Island
  • Kindness always wins
  • Found a Celebi V Pokémon card in the street. It was just casually on the floor. I spotted the Pokémon logo on the other side so I kicked it to flip it over.
  • How have I never played LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean before?
  • Why can’t cold and flu medicine taste like something other than floor cleaner?
  • I accidentally drank bleach floor cleaner when I was a kid. Explains a lot. 😂
  • PlayStation Essential isn’t what I thought it was going to be
  • How fun would a real life Fall Guys show be? One without death drops of course, but the contestants would dress in inflatable outfits and have to get through Gladiators show style obstacles to grab the crown. I would 100% watch this. 😂
  • Today I played Fall Guys and had a Happy Meal like the full grown adult that I am
  • 600 DAYS OF DUOLINGO YEAHHHH!! I’ve had a few attempts at streaks over the years but this is my best yet.
  • I have my eye on Let’s Get Fit but I also have a backlog to attend to
  • I like making my own fries out of carrot and potato in the air fryer
  • Thoughts on accounts following 40k with 40k followers? I’ve seen a lot of 10k with 10k and I just don’t see how it’s attainable. There’s no way you can as one person interact with all those people unless you are using bots and automations.
  • Downloading Fall Guys onto my Switch, if anyone wants me I’ll be in my cave. 😆
  • tfw you’re sick and you want to try and do everything but end up doing nothing
  • COVID test negative? Old school head cold in session
  • reggae music + sunday afternoons
  • Nintendo are really hitting the ball out of the park with fitness games lately
  • Did 2 little test streams today on YouTube
  • It’s camomile tea time. Started watching a film but couldn’t be bothered. Going to do my Duolingo and read a book instead
  • Stop posting content for likes and views – Gary Vee (noted)
  • thinking about the coffee I had earlier with a lemon cake
  • decided on a camomile and mint tea instead of raiding the snack drawer
  • Being able to fully edit and upload a video from my phone to the internet is still mind blowing to me
  • Mr Blue Sky is an excellent song
  • I’m dreading my annual trip to the hairdressers
  • Now watching: Hustle basketball movie on Netflix
  • My money don’t jiggle jiggle
  • got a new mint green phone case today
  • Cool and cloudy this morning. This weather motivates me.
  • Me: new to TikTok: uploads a video an hour ago. Also me: gets 1 view this is how you do it right?
  • Wow remember when blogging was for fun?
  • Coding is fun and everything but WordPress makes life easy
  • Jalapeño sweats are no joke
  • Do you also give weird names to your Pokémon?
  • I’m 40 and I play video games everyday
  • My BOSE headphones have disintegrated with the heat. If I wear them I end up with bits all over my face/ears
  • “If you add a little to a little and do this often, soon that little will become great.” – Hesiod
  • There’s so much peer pressure to use Instagram and TikTok
  • It’s officially thighs get stuck to chairs season
  • Can’t fathom people not wearing masks on planes. I used to end up with bronchitis/tonsillitis nearly every time I flew to/from England and that was before COVID.
  • Memories of when I used to go out to clubs and they played hip hop and rap everywhere. The early 2000s were great.
  • Now watching: A Perfect Pairing (Netflix) it is very cheesy
  • Makes me so happy to see people enjoying my little YouTube videos.
  • Downloading Fortnite back onto the Switch and it’s taking AGES
  • Been awake since 5am. Already thinking of siesta
  • i need the coffee
  • The last episode of Stranger Things needs to end with the gang biking off into the sunset after defeating the evil of Hawkins. The first bars of Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears plays, fade to credits….
  • You know it’s been a good day when it ends being covered in pet hair
  • Watched: Old by @MNightShyamalan very creepy, set on a tropical resort with a cursed secluded beach
  • apple mouse forever dead, have to charge it on its head

February 21st 2022

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“It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.”

February 19th 2022

  • Great day with the pups today!
  • “Look for something positive each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.”
  • Watched episode 1 of Kanye West’s documentary Jeen-Yuhs. It’s like watching vintage YouTube before YouTube existed. It’s cool to see the journey of his career in a time before social media. It makes me think about how Gary Vee says “document don’t create.”

February 18th 2022

  • So I guess this is working. I don’t miss tweeting at all.

February 17th 2022

  • Watched Heaven is For Real (Netflix) based on a true story about a little boy who saw Heaven during emergency surgery. It was a nice film, I watched part of it on my bike.

February 16th 2022

  • Overheard in LEGO DC Super Villains “Less money, mo’ problems” 🤣

February 15th 2022

  • “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hill

February 14th 2022

  • I can’t get moving today. All I want to do is hide under a blanket and play video games. Specifically LEGO games. My body feels so heavy like I’m wading through mud.
  • Feeling a bit out of the loop on some stuff but 100% sure that quitting social media was the best idea for me.
  • Wearing jeans for the first time in FOREVER, why are they so uncomfortable *cries*
  • E took me out for Valentine’s coffee and cake. I had a chocolate brownie, it was delicious. 💖

February 12th 2022

  • Watched While You Were Sleeping. How have I never seen this film? It reminded me a lot of The Proposal, I guess it’s the basis for many films that came after it. I enjoyed it and plan to watch some more 90s films that I missed.

February 9th 2022

  • My morning walk was much needed. I actually slept well last night for a change. This sandstorm is making me feel awful lately, mainly sinus pain and inflammation.
  • Been watching some decluttering videos on YouTube and it inspired me to start on our home office which has been annoying me for so long. I made piles for donation and trash and went through EVERY little thing in our KALLAX unit. It’s still a work in progress and if I didn’t break for lunch I’d still be going.
  • I was also inspired to try for inbox zero. So far I’ve unsubscribed to a bunch of newsletters and deleted so many emails. I find this easier to do on my phone.
  • From now on as the emails come in I’ll look and see if it’s something I’m still interested in. Unsubscribe if needed and archive if necessary or delete. My phone is hot 😅

February 2nd 2022

  • Back at my desk, actually sat down to do some deep work. A draft for a future post, almost at 1,000 words.

February 1st 2022

  • Woke up feeling weird. Seeing as I’ve been in the house for about a week I decided to have a very short walk. The air quality is so crap right now.
  • Rainy night gaming with some cheese and crackers.
  • It’s possible that I’m almost out of the habit of tweeting every little thought. For now I’ll keep this going just in case haha.

January 31st 2022

  • Rethinking my blog content. I have so many ideas.
  • Feeling slightly more human today but can’t get moving. Another day on the sofa.

January 30th 2022

  • “If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies.” — Albert Einstein
  • It’s two days since I decided to leave Twitter. My head is FULL of ideas and more importantly, my own thoughts.
  • My Twitter archive has been delivered, I’m deactivated and @cuteek is no longer on Twitter.
  • How is it almost February?
  • A new Geek Life Lately has dropped!

January 29th 2022

  • “He who is everywhere is nowhere.” – Seneca
  • All the cheese I ate yesterday is coming back to haunt me 🙃
  • Taking my Spanish lesson while dosed up on cold medicine hits different

January 28th 2022

  • I am so done with Twitter
  • Just nearly threw up while doing Day 2 of Yoga With Adriene Move #YWAMove 🤢
  • Taking a Twitter break makes so much sense to me right now
  • Sick of the endless scroll
  • So I just watched Dr Cal Newport’s TED talk ‘Quit Social Media’ this makes me even more certain that’s it’s the right thing for me to do.
  • Feels like a mac n cheese day
  • I wonder if Cal Newport has a smartphone? You know despite not being on social media.
  • I’d love to go back to the days of a simple mobile phone.
Quit Social Media – Cal Newport

January 27th 2022

  • Hide your frogs everyone!
  • Another day on the sofa, not COVID just regular lurgy.

January 26th 2022

  • Woke up feeling like 💩

January 25th 2022

  • Day 1/30 of Yoga With Adriene Move (#ywamove) That felt GOOD!
  • Day 25/31 #FitnessGaming hatched Audino from a 10km egg in Pokémon Go
  • Seeing as I’ve already been awake for 6 hours, done yoga and some work, I’m going to treat myself to a coffee and an hour on the PlayStation.
  • Why is it so difficult for to get gold bricks in LEGO DC Super Villains?

January 24th 2022

  • My energy levels are so low at the moment. This calls for a huge bowl of cereal.
  • Day 0 of Yoga with Adriene Move done at my desk. It’s a start.
  • Kebab time and Reggaeton. Name a better combo.
  • “Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.” — Robert De Niro
  • Hoodie + coffee mode: ON
  • Geek Life Lately issue 31 has dropped!

January 23rd 2022

  • It’s Banjo Kazooie time!
  • Gave myself curtain bangs following this tutorial. Quite pleased with how they turned out hahah.

January 22nd 2022

  • Just finished watching AfterLife Season 3 😭
  • I’m on a 450 day streak with Duolingo.

January 21st 2022

  • How many hours do we think it will take me to complete Banjo Kazooie? 😅🎮🤡
  • EXCITING NEWS NERDS! 🤡 Streaming will be back next week!!! 🎮👀 and….. I will even have a ScHeDuLe!!! Will confirm times next week.
  • Why do tourists think they’re all exempt from wearing masks outside? 🤷🏼‍♀️ about 100 have walked past our car and only 10 have been wearing masks

January 20th 2022

  • I dreamt about creating my own NFTs. Thanks Twitter you have a lot to answer for! 🤣
  • Who needs NFT profile pics when you have Bitmoji?
  • Fraggle Rock is back!! 😍
  • Hit a fly so hard my Apple Watch nearly called SOS 🆘😅
  • My DualShock has broken so I can only play certain games. Saving for a new one 😅🎮

January 19th 2022

  • Would you clone your pet? For me there will only ever be one Rambo. Maybe they can make a twin looking copy but it would have a different essence and soul.
  • People who WFH How do you fit in all of your daily work + family time + cleaning the house/making food + looking after pets/kids + video games? Asking for a friend. 😜

January 18th 2022

  • Day 18/31: Back to the bike! 🚲 Starting off slow and building a habit
  • “I am one with the sweatpants. The sweatpants are with me.” 😅
  • Trying to earn that last euro to reach Adsense payment threshold
  • Our island is moving up to alert level 4. 🙃

January 17th 2022

  • Stormy day and raining now and all I want to do is play on the PlayStation 🤣
  • If people aren’t making fun of me I’d assume I’m doing something wrong 😆
  • Sportswear shops on this island only carry Adidas clothes up to size 10/12. How am I supposed to workout if I don’t fit in the workout clothes? Aka I just got a pair of ‘relax’ fit Adidas joggers stuck on my thighs

January 16th 2022

  • Good morning! Excited coz we’re having egg and bacon for breakfast 🥓
  • Thankful for my FFP2s this is full of hazardous levels of Pm10 and Pm2.5
  • I don’t like sand.
  • I’ve been playing LEGO DC Super Villains for 4:24 hours total and I’m only 2.9% into the game. I think I got sidetracked 🤣
  • Greetings from Tatooine! Geek Life Lately 30 just dropped.

January 15th 2022

  • LEGO DC Super Villains is fun! Amusement Mile is my favourite place so far 🎡🤡

January 14th 2022

  • Sandstorm incoming
  • Play Duolingo instead of Wordle. Thank me later
  • Facebook Business is testing me today 😬
  • *refreshes adsense*
  • please pray for my 17 year old fridge it sounds like it’s about to take off 🛩️
  • glad we have to wear masks outside tbh! 😷 Just got a lung full of Sahara desert.
  • going to get the DualSense and pretend I have the PS5 console 😅
  • forever saying the wrong thing 😞
  • Air quality is hazardous, I’ll be wearing an FFP2 mask outside tomorrow 😷

January 13th 2022

  • Thursday
  • Officially back at my desk. My parents have flown home and I have a ton of work to catch up on. At least I have coffee & snacks 😅
  • Geek Life Lately issue 29 is here….
  • Another sandstorm on the way, great! 🙃
  • Started going through the older posts in my ‘Geek Life Lately’ blog series in WordPress, tweaking here and there. Then I remembered, the whole point was to have fun with these blog posts and not think about SEO.
  • Blogging as a digital marketer has ruined blogging for me as a hobby 😅 I can’t help with the code tinkering and technical optimization *reminds self to write for the humans*

January 12th 2022

  • The soundtrack for Mixed-ish is 🔥
  • Wearing my Christmas sweater because it’s so cozy
  • Mum and Dad have called for tech support and I haven’t had my coffee yet 😜

January 11th 2022

  • I hope they make an Emily in Spain
  • Looking forward to playing fetch with Chester at the weekend 🏀

January 10th 2022

  • Snowing on Tenerife right now. Hopefully some nice pics of Teide volcano later 🌋 covered in snow ⛄️
  • That Dexter Finale 👀

January 9th 2022

  • I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a solid poop 😅
  • Christmas decorations are officially down.
  • Highest bidder for a dry foot with half painted nails 😂
  • 2 hours of passenger locator forms + ADHD = zero executive brain function left
  • A new Geek Life Lately post will drop tomorrow

January 8th 2022

  • Saturday morning and I’ve already taken two naps
  • A new blog post will be out tomorrow
  • Hatched a Mienfoo from a 10km eggy. Enjoying walking more lately
  • It’s early 2022 and I’m ready for a new Bugsnax update!
  • Music is the Answer
  • One episode left of El Gran Robo Argentino on Duolingo. I don’t want it to end!
  • Just started listening to Los Ultimos Dias De Maradona podcast on Spotify

January 7th 2022

  • Seeing people you look up to online (YouTubers and biz leaders) post pics / videos of themselves out in public gatherings / sport events without masks right now = lose all respect
  • Programmed the washing machine to go off at a certain time and miscalculated by 2 hours so now it’s 7am and all I can hear is the machine about to take off on my roof.
  • I’m too cool for TikTok
  • me: trowels 3 layers of makeup on family: OH you’re looking better!!!
  • The neighbour’s cat is having fun chasing the whole family
  • My internet and house power is off because my Dad is tinkering with the electric. Hopefully won’t be long and we will have power on our roof garden

January 6th 2022

  • Happy 3 Kings Day! Feliz día de Reyes
  • New armpit please
  • Had a nice 3 Kings walk and some star gazing with the fam. Happy Holidays!
  • Want to go to the salon and have nice hair but also the plague is rife here atm. The thought of a hairdryer spreading all that about is just 🤢

January 5th 2022

  • 3rd vaccine update: I’m feeling sick. The pain in my vaccine arm and my armpit lymph node is like a golf ball. Still a little fuzzy but hoping a good sleep will sort me out.
  • Happy 12th Day of Christmas. The Kings are on the way. Presents tomorrow!
  • Tfw when you have over a month of emails to check 🙃
  • Introducing my parents to the original Dexter series. My Dad just referred to the Ice Truck Killer as the Man with the Refrigerated Van. 😂
  • Go go gadget Lymph Nodes. My armpit and boob are so painful right now. I’ve had to sleep with a pair of socks balled up in my armpit to try and ease the pressure. So weird and painful. Slept like crap.

January 4th 2022

  • Happy 11th day of Christmas
  • Went to the vaccine center to ask for 3rd shot appointment and they were like “you can have it now”. So yeah I’m triple vaxxed.
  • Update: almost 5 hours later and I am SO TIRED with a fuzzy head.
  • Now reading: Twelve and a Half by Gary Vaynerchuk
  • I’m guessing Kurt Caldwell is a fan of Return to Oz (Dexter New Blood)
  • A reminder that “#BlueMonday” which is supposedly Monday 17th January was made up by a holiday company to sell holidays and is a load of crap. (I’ve worked in travel for 20 years)
  • Rewatching Dexter New Blood episode 9, so many Easter eggs!

January 3rd 2022

  • Happy 10th Day of Christmas
  • me: *sniffs* gets the Vivaporu out
  • Listening to Ibiza Classics for a bit of Monday motivation
  • My 3 Kings present has arrived early

January 2nd 2022

  • 2022 is going to be WILD!
  • This sandstorm is no joke
  • Happy 9th Day of Christmas
  • On the 9th day of Christmas my over worked fridge gave to meeeee. 9 unidentifiable pieces of cheese. 🧀
  • FYI it’s still Christmas
  • Feeling like Jabba the Hutt after all the rich food this holiday season.
  • Hello 2022! Geek Life Lately is back
  • Day 2/31 #RingFitAdventureClub. Leap-of-Faith Falls was no joke. I was almost on the floor doing trampoline squats