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7 Ways To Spend Your Free Time

How do you spend your free time? If the answer is scrolling, endlessly, through Instagram or TikTok, you aren’t making the most of the time you have. There are so many things you could be doing that quitting social media is easier than you think even if it doesn’t seem that way right now. 

So what can you do instead of scrolling, commenting, liking, or sharing? There are hundreds of things to do, but here are seven ways to spend your free time. 

Learn to Code 

As multiple careers become more tech-focused or require basic coding knowledge, teaching yourself to code is a fantastic way to spend your free time and it can scratch that screen itch you might have after putting your phone away. 

Multiple free online courses help you go through each stage of the process, making it easy to understand when building your website or creating a game. If you discover you have a knack for coding, why not explore college courses or apply to jobs that require coding expertise? 

Play Games 

If you’re just looking for a way to unwind and relax in your free time without going on social media, playing games is a great way to kill some time. From classics like Solitaire to the variety of free-to-play games on consoles or PCs, you have more options than you’ll know what to do with. You would be surprised how quickly you could chip through your gaming backlog with the hours you’d otherwise spend scrolling.

If you want to get off the screen, board games are another great solution. You can play solo games or pull the old Monopoly board out of the attic to play with friends and family over the weekend. 

Indulge In Your Creativity

Everyone has a creative spark within them, it’s just that some don’t know how to ignite it. This is part of the fun, though. You can try as many different creative endeavors as possible until you find something that sticks. 

Many people start with writing because they only need a pen and paper. The same goes for sketching. However, if you’ve always wanted to paint or play music, search for affordable hobby paints or take to the internet to see if anyone is flogging an instrument you could take off their hands. 

Start An Exercise Routine 

Exercise offers multiple benefits, but some don’t know how to start an exercise routine that will stick. Like other hobbies, the best advice is to just do it. Pull on your running shoes and jog around the neighbourhood. 

If you don’t have any running shoes, you can still try bodyweight exercises at home. These include pushups, situps, crunches, and burpees that all get the heart racing. Fitness gaming would be an excellent option if you want to gamify your workout. For something a little more zen, yoga is a fantastic option and you can find instructional videos online. 

Help Around Town 

Do you often walk around town and lament how it’s not as you remembered it when you were younger? This issue isn’t just rose-tinted glasses, it could also be that investment and community support are not as they once were. 

If this sounds familiar, you can be part of the change that improves your neighborhood and community. Even if you haven’t lived there your whole life, you can still take pride in your town. There should be volunteer groups or town meetings where you can stay up to date on everything and contribute to making the area more enjoyable. 


There’s a strong chance there is so much more of your town that you haven’t explored yet. So, knowing how to find a hiking trail could be a great way to exercise and enjoy a fun day out, whether you go alone or with friends. Spending time in nature is ideal for your mental well-being and when you reach the top of the trail, you might be treated to stunning views you’d only have heard about otherwise. 

Work On Yourself 

Everyone should take the time to work on themselves, whether through professional development or improving personal aspects. Education and exercise are good places to start, but you can also do something you’re passionate about.

There are always opportunities to improve yourself and find ways to be better for yourself and your friends. Even if you don’t know what that is right now, exploring your options could help you discover it.

Time Well Spent

You could ignore all of this advice because there’s always content to be found on social media, but why would you want to hinder yourself like that? If you need more productive ways to spend your free time, look at what you could be doing. You might discover something you’re not just good, but great at, and that will make all your time and effort worth it.

What will you do instead of scrolling today?

Thanks for reading,