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Volcano Update

Hey friends. Guess who has about 4 lists of things to do and can’t seem to tick anything off or get motivated?

Last night I even laid out my workout clothes so I could get an early start but it didn’t happen. Not right away anyway. This is when I like to look at some motivational quotes or take another look at my goals.

Day 9 Volcano Update

I think constantly watching the local news of the volcanic eruption on neighbouring island La Palma hasn’t helped with my motivation. I love volcanos but this is catastrophic and not something I can appreciate the beauty of when so many people’s lives have been changed within 9 days.

If it was spewing lava directly down the side of the island into the sea without destroying houses and farmland then I’d be a bit more enthusiastic about it, but for now it’s just so sad. Tonight the volcano became more violent and now the lava is racing through a whole town down toward the sea taking everything with it.

Right now, the evening of September 27th 2021, there are 300 people on the west coast of La Palma under a stay at home order, with their doors and windows closed and taped up, to avoid inhaling toxic gas once the lava hits the sea. I just can’t even imagine how terrified they must be. 😢 It’s a waiting game as the lava is meters from the coast.

Back on Twitter?

On a lighter note and something that seems so trivial after everything I just mentioned, I’m now back on my main Twitter account. I decided to bring it back after a Summer hiatus when I quit social media.

(I am still archiving a lot of my Twitter as it’s a project I’m enjoying at lot, see below On This Day feature). This time I’m being more intentional with what I post and trying to make a few laughs along the way.

Virtual Trip to Blackpool with Estellosaurus

Regarding some exercise and trying to cheer myself up, I got there in the end. I chose to workout on my indoor bike while catching up with YouTube videos, specifically Estellosaurus and her recent vlog about her trip to Blackpool! It’s been years since I went there, it was fun to see the Blackpool lights and the Sea Life Center. Thanks for the virtual trip Estelle and cheering me up, looking forward to part 2! 😀

You can check out part 1 below, make sure you subscribe to her channel.

Estellosaurus YouTube | Blackpool Trip

After breakfast I decided to pick the most fun thing from my list which was painting our IKEA Lack table which was sporting a pinterest inspired zebra look. I was so sweaty by the end of this it was like another workout.

I will do a post about this soon, it’s not perfect but it’s an improvement and I felt like I’d achieved something by the end. Of course I started painting a random wall in our bedroom too, need more paint now. 😜

On This Day 2020

  • Need coffee ASAP!
  • Now playing Aggretsuko puzzle game. This game is a lot of fun.
  • 11:45pm and we are chasing a weird green flying bug around the living room. 😜

On This Day 2017

  • I didn’t shut up about the unique colour of the water for weeks after our visit to Fuerteventura 😍
  • We can now tweet in 280 characters rather than 140.

How are you? I hope you are all safe and well.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💜