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Volcanic Eruption

Ok so I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that there was a VOLCANIC ERUPTION on the island of La Palma today. I want to thank friends for reaching out, we are safe on our neighbouring island and are staying updated on the situation.

Volcanic Eruption La Palma Island

I feel so badly for the people that have lost their homes and livelihoods, thankfully there have been no fatalities although some rescued animals have suffered burns.

No there’s not going to be a mega tsunami caused by a piece of land crashing into the sea, this catastrophe is bad enough. The lava flow is currently making it’s way to Atlantic ocean where the reaction with the salt water is supposedly going to cause acid rain. 😳

On the rest of the islands life is carrying on as normal, but it all seems a bit surreal and very 2021. Like wtf is next?

On This Day 2017

Omg they have a pumpkin coffee at Dunkin! 🎃☕️ It tastes AMAZING!!! Like Autumn in a cup. 😍

On This Day 2016

Woohoo! I got a Pokémon Happy Meal. There are 16 to collect from 6 generations of Pokémon. I got a Togepi Happy Meal toy and it’s so cute, I haven’t stopped spinning it. Fingers crossed for a Dedenne in my next meal.

Pokemon Happy Meal
Gotta eat them all | Pokémon Happy Meals

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖