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Vlogmas 2022

Inspired by two of my favourite YouTube Creators: Jenna Ezarik and Amy Landino, I have decided to jump into vlogging this month. Vlogmas 2022 here we go!

Many YouTubers will vlog from December 1st to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day for their Vlogmas diary and then take a break for New Year. Seeing as I’m just starting on December 15th/16th I’m not sure if I’ll just do 10 days or what, we’ll see where it takes us.

Vlogmas 2022

Here in Spain we celebrate the holidays right up until January 6th when we exchange gifts so I’m unsure what to do. I think it might get a bit exhausting trying to do daily vlogging for the whole month.

If you really want to join in but don’t have time in the run up to Christmas Day, you could always do 12 Days of Vlogmas, which would start on December 25th – January 6th following the dates of the 12 Days of Christmas. (Yeah 12 days of Christmas is AFTER not BEFORE) 😉

These types of vlog challenges can give you some time to play around with different styles, practice talking to the camera and documenting this time of year when there are fun things to do. I’m personally quite confident when streaming but vlogging is a different game altogether.

Some concerns I have regarding vlogging are that I don’t want to show where I live, the surroundings or any family members. E will not go anywhere near the camera and I respect that, so it will be me, my house and the pups. I’ll pop my videos down below as I go, so please do check them out and subscribe to Cuteek on YouTube.

Vlogmas Day 15 – Is it too late to start Vlogmas?

Is it too late to start Vlogmas?

Vlogmas Day 16 – Using a Face Filter to Vlog | Faceless Video

Using a Face Filter to Vlog | Faceless Video

Thanks so much for reading and watching,
Vikki 👾