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Violet Adidas Vulcster Trainers

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a bit of shopping at the corner shop, bought a few bits, one of those things alcohol (for cuts not for drinking!). As I came home I thought I’d be a good ‘housewife’ and put everything away as soon as I got in, as opposed to throwing said bag of goods on the sofa and heading to my office.

I went to put the alcohol in the bathroom and as I came out, you would swear I was wearing a pair of heelys! My OH had a shower just before I went out to the shops and then he’d headed off to work, so there was a small puddle from the shower on the floor.

Bronze Primark pumps

Of course I went flying forwards, then sideways, my legs just buckling beneath me as I landed on my arm! I don’t know whether you have ever fallen over, I’m quite clumsy, but I still got a fright and the drama queen that I am, was scared there were any bones sticking out. There weren’t, but I was on my own and really scared. ‘That’s it! These shoes are going in the bin!’ That was my immediate thought and I even said it out loud. I had on some bronze pumps from Primark, which whilst they were cheap at 4€, they didn’t have much grip on them and I’d really worn them out, so that combined with a slippy floor was a recipe for disaster!

My arm turned out pretty bruised and was numb for about 3 days, but I didn’t break it. It felt funny to type and I had some twinges in it for about a week, but now it seems ok. Let’s hope it’s ok when I’m in cold weather. Anyway, my OH felt bad he wasn’t there to pick me up off the floor and he saw my pumps, he agreed to go shoe shopping with me the next day. 😉

I usually hate shoe shopping, but I LOVE shopping for trainers and pumps! I have a few pairs of trainers, but I wanted something more like a sneaker (with a good grip on the sole), so when I spotted these violet Adidas Vulcster pumps I was in love. They are made with some kind of special mesh material, which means my feet can breathe and I can actually feel the air blowing through, it’s kind of nice. They also have OrthoLite insoles for comfort! They were in the sale and even have a spare set of white laces in case I feel like a change from lilac. 😀

Adidas Vulcster

What’s your best excuse to go shoe shopping? What are your favourite brand of sporty shoes? I always buy adidas, but also love NIKE Free Run trainers.