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Ursula the Seawitch Makeup Tutorial

If you are looking for an awesome Halloween or Carnival costume that will stand out then look no further. This awesome Ursula the Sea witch makeup tutorial from GoldieStarling will help you search out those ‘poor unfortunate souls’.

Here is my attempt, I put together the Ursula costume myself from a large flamenco skirt turned inside out and I then filled 8 knee socks with wire and plastic bags to make the tentacles. You can also buy a Little Mermaid Ursula Halloween costume.

The other pieces of clothing were already in my wardrobe or dress up hamper, but I did purchase the wig, which was a lady in waiting wig and I snipped off the front curls.

Ursula sea witch makeup

I was happy with my eye makeup but the base colour of my face could have been better, I used purple eyeshadow as a face powder.