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I’m an Ubisoft Creator | Geek Life Lately 41

It’s been a while since I did a Geek Life Lately post and there’s so much to tell you! Going forward there’s also a monthly vlog version so check out Geek Life Lately Episode 01 at the end of this post. BIG NEWS! 🥳 Some huge news which I’m very excited ...

It’s been a while since I did a Geek Life Lately post and there’s so much to tell you! Going forward there’s also a monthly vlog version so check out Geek Life Lately Episode 01 at the end of this post.



Some huge news which I’m very excited about is…. I’m now part of the UBISOFT Creators Program! This means I get to partner with them on games including upcoming Assassins Creed Mirage and all my faves like Just Dance and Rayman Legends. So from now on if you see me talk about any Ubisoft games just know that although I’m partnered with them I’ll still give you my honest opinions and reviews. I’ll have some more details about this soon.

Ubisoft Creators Program
Ubisoft Creators Program

Fitness and Wellness

Going back to the start of April I injured myself while working out, my arm, back and legs were all affected which made it difficult to sit at my desk or even play video games. I was miserable. The upside of it was that I found an incredible physiotherapist who I’ve been working with since. There’s been some interesting discoveries and it’s definitely worth the investment. So while some people are paying for hair and nails I’m getting frequent adjustments lol. It’s the best form of self care I could choose right now and I’m learning a lot about my body. 

Because I’m a grown-ass adult, I’ve been enjoying these Pokémon Actimel at breakfast everyday. They are currently limited edition here in Spain in strawberry & banana flavour. Gotta catch em all!

Snorlax Actimel breakfast
Slowpoke Actimel

Social Media

This is a crap excuse but because of being out of action I allowed myself back on social media after quitting and feeling free of it. Was it a good idea? I think I logged back into Twitter to enter a competition to win a fridge or something and then Instagram slowly followed 🤦🏼‍♀️ it gave me something to do while I was away from my desk and honestly I got sucked back in big time. 

Twitter is a lot thirstier since I was last on (October 2022 I think) and while many people are happy to have found some kind of community on there, there’s also plenty of people who can’t wait to jump ship to a Twitter alternative such as BlueSky or T2 Social. 

Let’s talk about Instagram – my least favourite. So one of my Reels went viral. I mean like 11 million views VIRAL!!! This happened just a few days ago and maybe I’ll do a separate post about how to go viral on Instagram but let me tell you it is a curse. I can no longer see any replies to comments on people I follow as my notifications are ridiculous. I have 10 Chris Hemsworths trying to slide into my DMs and apparently I did a 1 hour video chat with someone last night via DMs? The inbox is a very scary place, I can’t see what I want to see and the followers are a slower increase than when I went viral on YouTube Shorts. I just hope they like my other content. 


As far as creating goes, I’ve been a little distracted with social media and my recent injury. I did make a video where I vlogged as a Disney Princess for the week. It was fun to do with the filter but made me realize I’m much more comfortable creating the chill vlogs with cute music in the background like this one. 

vlogging as a Disney Princess, as you do

My streaming setup has been upgraded as I now have a face cam! I can’t wait to make more videos using it.

The blog has had a little makeover! I’ve been following some design tutorials using GenerateBlocks and making things look a bit more streamline with QueryLoops. It should be better to navigate now and will improve bit by bit as I have time to work on it. There are new articles style posts too which I’m excited to be working on. At some point I need to go through my categories and narrow those down because I have far too many at the moment. 😅


  • Lake has been lovely and relaxing so far and not at all what I expected. I’ll be writing about this soon and putting my thoughts together in a review.
  • Everdream Valley is an adorable open world farming sim. Untold Tales sent me the game to check out and I’ve had a lot of fun streaming it.
  • Fall Guys is now on season 4 (again) and I have to admit im not as hyped as usual. I’m not sure if this is because of the absolute grind I did in January to unlock the SpongeBob skin or what…. Maybe I’ll give it another go and try the new creator mode. Ok so at the time of editing this post, I’m back into Fall Guys. LOL. There’s a map called Swept Away which is basically a crown farm so my Spongebob has been winning a lot and levelling up before the end of the current fame pass.
  • Fortnite has been fun to pick up and have a quick play here and there, especially when they added the Star Wars event in May.  


Duolingo Spanish – on my way to my 1,000 day streak! There are some other online courses I would like to check out… I guess something has to give.


  • XO Kitty (netflix) – didn’t realize it was a series but that works out well for me as I’m not in a long films mood. The first episode was very cute and since I watch everything with Spanish subtitles, it really makes my brain workout when the characters speak Korean.
  • Dante’s Peak – I’ve seen this film a thousand times and will watch it whenever it comes on TV. Classic disaster film.
  • Manifest is back, but I’ve found it hard to get into despite being hooked on it previously. Maybe I will have a different opinion once I’ve watched the final episodes.


The Shining – I started this in January but only really got into it in May.  Aside from the short story Survivor Type and a brief try at The Stand, this is the first Stephen King book I’ve read. I’m a slow reader but hope I can finish it by the end of June so me and E can watch the film. 

I’ve somehow convinced my Mum (who is more of a Catherine Cookson/Wartime romance/tragedy fan) to grab a copy of The Shining from the library and now we have an ‘over the phone book club’. I’m sure she will finish reading it before me though but it’s fun to chat to someone about it as I’m reading it.

I’m really enjoying reading before bed with my sleepy time tea lately. Which got me thinking… On social media I noticed a lot of energy drinks being promoted to gamers and it made me think about the cozy gamers like myself who want to chill. Why not make flavoured sleepy time tea? I would name them after my favourite cute video game characters. 😄

If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, then please check out the accompanying Geek Life Lately Vlog on my YouTube channel.

Geek Life Lately the vlog version episode 1 but really 41

What are you reading, playing or watching at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading,
Vikki 🌸

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