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Twitter Timeout

Twitter Timeout.

  • Gave myself a little timeout from Twitter and deactivated for a few hours. Got so much done!
  • It’s so hot today but I managed a 20 min workout on the bike. I had a day off yesterday because I was at the dentist again.
  • I might have to do a nerdy spreadsheet to sort my gaming backlog out.
  • Hope every is enjoying their month of Happy Meals. Pokémon cards are the toy right now.
  • Suddenly remembered that I had a BMX Stonker in the 90s. I loved that bike, must try and find a photo of it. It was neon yellow and black.
  • My dad texts me like:
    • 👍🏼 love Dad x
pineapple in the water | instagram business tips
a pineapple in the water because why not?

Kyla Roma tweeted this and I was like hell yes! Times they are a changing people. Social media has had its day for a lot of people and I think this tweet pushed me to start this whole create more than you consume project that I’ve had brewing for over a year.

On This Day 2020

  • Feel like I’m talking into the void a lot lately on social media. Going to focus more on my blog.
  • Today we ‘have to’ wear masks when we go out in public but then the beach is open for sunbathing and swimming from Monday? We are staying away from the beach for a while and keeping our distance despite temps of 36ºC on the way. Still no idea when international tourism will be back.

On This Day 2019

How many screenshots is too many screenshots? Asking for a friend. I think it’s time to create a gaming photography gallery.

On This Day 2018

  • The Diary of a Social Media Manager
    • Is anyone doing GDPR T-shirt’s yet? 😆

What are some easy fun and crafty things I can make with sea glass? I’ve only found a little bit so far but it was enjoyed looking for it on the beach. I’d love to create some cute sea glass art.

On This Day 2017

Accidentally took a 3 hour siesta and woke up at 7pm! Now I’m whizzing round the house cleaning so I can sleep tonight! I also went on a power walk – hope it works and I can sleep.

On This Day 2016

  • Summer Blog Goals
    • Chose a new design for my site.
    • Set new goals.
    • Upgrade/trash old irrelevant blog content….. [in progress]
    • Cringing badly as I go through my old blog posts. There’s not going to be much left on my blog at this rate haha. My content was so all over the place.
    • I’m like who wants to know about my wisdom tooth removal?
    • Oh man this is embarrassing hehe. These are some of the tags I had on my blog posts!
Unnecessary Blog Tags | Tags for SEO
What was I thinking? 😆

On This Day 2015

OMG trying to watch The Haunting in Connecticut trailer and hiding behind my hand! Jump scares get me every time!

The Haunting in Connecticut trailer

I just found out that Lush deliver to the Canary Islands! Pity the shipping is 17,70€ for 2kg and under!! Rip off.

On This Day 2014

  • Fitness GamingZumba Fitness World Party
    • My urologist gave me the green light for Zumba so I’m doing a few songs at a time – very tired now though. I got Zumba World Party last week. The Irish jig is tricky, I couldn’t keep up. World tour is great, I need to do Hawaii and LA to complete, then I’ll try the classes.

On This Day 2013

  • Gaming
    • My XBOX 360 isn’t joining the others in my console graveyard just yet…lack of backwards compatibility makes me have desires to cry. I only got mine when the Kinect was released. I won’t be getting the XBOX One, was so hyped about it too. The 360 is good enough for me.
    • I have bought pre-owned loads in the past because 50€ a game can’t always be done, they need to lower prices.
    • I have the PS2 original beast aka ‘the dust collector’ it sits alongside my Sega Megadrive in the retro drawer 😀