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Twinings Green Tea Collection Review

Hold onto your teacups – I’m full of tea and ready to tell you about Twinings Green Tea Collection: Green Tea And Mint, Jasmine Green Tea, Green Tea and Lemon, Earl Grey Green Tea and Pure Green Tea.

Twinings Green Tea Collection

I absolutely adore tea and being a Brit, tea has always been part of my life. Not feeling well? Had a shock or fright? Cold? Hungover? Full of flu? Just because? All very valid reasons to make a brew. That’s usually the normal tea with a drop of milk and a sugar.

Nowadays I drink my tea black as I tried my best to cut dairy and so the ‘normal English brew’ doesn’t taste the same, I like a bit of flavour.

Since I moved to Spain, I discovered Ice Tea and Green Tea and all these wonderful flavours. My lovely man (knows how much I love Green Tea) picked up this box of Twinings of London Green Tea Collection for me from the supermarket.

It has 5 different flavours and here are my initial thoughts.

Twinings Green Tea and Mint – 5/5

twinings green tea with mint

The box says: Fresh and Cool
I’ve tried different brands of Green Tea with Mint so I was eager to try this one by Twinings. The bag smelled slightly of mint. Once steeping, the mint smell enhanced and reminded me of Christmas as that’s when I discovered mint green tea. If you’ve never tried Mint Green Tea before, I’d recommend this one as it’s not too strong but enjoyable. 5/5

Jasmine Green Tea – 1/5

Twinings Jasmine Green Tea

The box says: Delicate and Floral
If I’m very honest, this one smells really nice but for me personally it’s a bit too floral. The taste of Jasmine overpowered the cup and I felt like I was drinking shower gel. It would make a great pot pourri but it’s not the tea for me. 1/5

Green Tea and Lemon – 3/5

Twinings green tea and lemon

The box says: Fresh and Clean
This one smelled like the hot lemonade my Mum would make for me when I had a cold as a child, so already I wasn’t looking forward to it. That said I LOVE cold lemon tea, so maybe if I chilled this one it wouldn’t be so bad. The taste wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be and was actually pleasant to drink. 3/5

Earl Grey Green Tea – 5/5

Twinings earl grey green tea

The box says: Light and Aromatic
This was the first time I’ve had any kind of Earl Grey. The name always put me off, I associated ‘grey’ with a sloshy cup of tea but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The smell was floral but not like the Jasmine Tea, it was inviting and comforting to drink. It really mixed well with the Green Tea and that’s why I’m giving this a 5/5.

Pure Green Tea – 5/5

twinings pure green tea

The box says: Light and Refreshing
After trying all these ‘Green Tea with’ flavours, the Pure Green Tea is a nice expected taste.

You really can’t go wrong with a cup of green tea. 5/5

What’s your favourite kind of tea?