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About Time Film Poster

About Time Film Review

Lately I’m really into the time travel genre, (thanks Lost) so when I found the About Time film on Yomvi (Spain’s answer to Netflix) last night I just had to watch. I don’t usually like watching English films, I’m a big weirdo I know. The … Read more

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

Game of Thrones First Impressions

Hi cute geeks! Winter is coming! Last night I watched Game of Thrones for the first time and 7 minutes in, I felt like vomiting. I could manage with the guts at the start but I had to close my eyes when they showed the … Read more

Byron is A

Pretty Little Liars Theories: Alison had a baby

PLL day is here again and before tonight’s episode, I’d like to share some Pretty Little Liars Theories with you. Rewind back to 2013, I actually mentioned this in my first PLL theory blog post. Alison had a baby What? How? When? Ok, here’s where … Read more

Pretty Little Liars Theories

Pretty Little Liars Theories: Varjak

As all PLL fans know, there are only a couple of episodes left until the #BigAReveal! The internet is going crazier than usual with Pretty Little Liars theories and Marlene has hinted yet another clue via Twitter. Varjak is the name that Cyrus wrote down … Read more

Ella is A

Pretty Little Liars Theory: Ella is A

So this week especially I’ve been so frustrated wondering who A is in Pretty Little Liars. Keegan Allen who plays Toby just revealed some juicy secrets in his latest interview: I do know who ‘[A]’ is and what I love about who it is is … Read more

Vampire Diaries Theories

The Vampire Diaries Theories: Season 6

The Vampire Diaries is back, at last! After watching episode 2 ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ I just had to write a blog post with my latest theories and thoughts. *Spoiler alert* I haven’t watched any promos or read any spoilers prior to writing this, so here goes. … Read more