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Top 10 Makeup Products Tag

Top 10 Makeup Products

Whilst browsing BlogLovin’ I discovered fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ClionaHill.com. Cliona posted this awesome Top 10 Makeup Products Tag and I thought why not join in?

Top 10 Makeup Products

1. Foundation
Foundation is a big no-no for me at the moment as my face is sweat city. Not to brag, but it’s still very hot here in the Canary Islands and my face can only cope with SPF50 at the moment.
(I’ll be doing a post on all my sunscreens and sun creams soon)

When I am in cooler climes, I love MUA Makeup Academy’s Matte Perfect Foundation with Shine Control. It’s cheap as chips at just £2.00, applies well with a brush and the shade ‘Fair’ is a really good match for my skin tone.

2. Powder
MUA Makeup Academy’s Pressed Powder in Shade 3 is my favourite and I’ve repurchased more times than I can remember. Sometimes I use this alone after I have applied my facial SPF lotion, for a more natural look. It’s super cheap too at just £1.00.

3. Concealer
I only really use concealer when I use foundation. Essence Stay Natural Concealer is great for those little red blotches and for brightening up dark circles under the eyes. I will probably start using this a bit more when the weather cools down to help cover my melasma.

4. Blush
Here I go again with another MUA product! I love Candyfloss blush by MUA Makeup Academy, it’s a lovely pinky pop of colour and once again a bargain at £1.00

5. Bronzer
I used to use bronzer like it was going out of fashion, but I find I only need a tiny sweep of MUA Makeup Academy Bronzer in Shade 1 to give me a glow, so it’s lasting me ages and just £1.00.

6. Highlighter
For highlighting under my brows I use a little bit of Essence Kajal Pencil in white. Obviously I blend, blend, blend, but this looks great especially with a smokey eye and filled in brows.

7. Mascara
I think I’m always going to be on a quest for the best mascara in the world, but my current favourite is Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost in Black. It gives me that dolly look and really opens up the eyes.

8. Eye shadow
After reading somewhere that brown eyeshadow makes blue eyes stand out, I’ve invested in quite a few browns and bronzey gold eyeshadows. MUA Makeup Academy Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in Bring it Back is just what I was looking for. It glides effortlessly onto the eyelid and so there is no messing around with eyeshadow brushes. I love these chunky crayon style products and this one is long wearing. £3.00

9. Brows
I’m currently growing out my brows and trying to up my game. Some days I just want to pluck them and get rid of those strays, but I really want to get some HD Brows to change the shape and make them thicker. Until then, I’m using Soap And Glory Archery Brow Tint And Precision Shaping Pencil. One end is a twist up waxy crayon and the other is a pen which is great for filling in gaps without looking too drawn on.

10. Lip product
Besides lip balms, I absolutely love and adore MUA Makeup Academy Power Pout in Broken Hearted. I’ve heard that these are dupes of Clinque Chubby Sticks and Revlon ColorBursts, which I haven’t yet tried as I’m in love with the Power Pouts. They hydrate and tint at the same time and they just leave my lips feeling lovely and bright. £3.00

Until I made this post, I didn’t realise just how much MUA Cosmetics products were my go to brand. What is your favourite makeup brand?