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Too Many Notebooks Spoil The Broth

Too many notebooks spoil the broth! 😜

My big focus for the week ahead is decluttering our home office (I can see it taking longer 😆). Minimalism is AN EFFORT! As I’ve been picking through things, I’ve found forgotten notebooks FULL OF FREAKING BLOG POST IDEAS! 😱

I think as I’ve started a new note system they’ve been neglected and the kicker is there are some great ideas in there. The plan is to transfer all of my notes into my pear A5 Saffiano Filofax and I finally fixed the clasp yay!

Green Filofax notebook and Blog Post Ideas
Transferring notes from an old book into a Filofax A5 Saffiano

Once I see an idea has been transferred, I then mark it out with a black pen so I can’t see it or wonder if I have written it down anywhere (this is a tip that I picked up from Mike Vardy aka The Productivityist) This is my new method going forward and I’ll probably share more in a future post.

This is also conveniently part of the October #CrafticChallenge by Craftic.com to ‘use that thing’ I’m feeling more organized already!

How do you stay organized?

  • Random Thoughts
    • How are you spending your extra hour today? I’m working out, then it’s coffee time!
    • The changing of clocks in Autumn feels like I’m back on ‘my time’ not sure if it’s a Scorpio thing or … can’t stand the Spring change feel like I’m out of sync for half the year.
    • I appreciate the extra hour but 6:30pm now feels like 8pm

On This Day 2021

  • Air frying a jacket potato for lunch
  • Well and truly ballsed that up
  • Next time I’ll nuke it in the microwave!
  • Just had my coffee fix. Colombian blend.
  • Imagine a service where someone comes to your house and sets up all your streaming gear so you don’t have to.

On This Day 2017

The waves are gnarly today. Just smashed my leg on a wave! 🙈

On This Day 2016

  • Random Thoughts
    • Remember when you could only watch TV on the TV?
    • I had a couple of hours for Fresh Prince and Simpsons after school, then whatever my parents wanted to watch.
    • I did my homework on the floor in front of the TV 🙊
    • It’s World Pasta Day, like I need an excuse to eat pasta! 🍝
    • Spent hours editing video and have 18 seconds to show for it. I think I need more RAM. 🐑
    • Was editing 4K GOPRO footage and iMovie was so sluggish it messed up my soundtrack timing.

On This Day 2015

  • I’m picking up my Animal Crossing amiibo album today.
  • We haven’t had series 1 for long in Spain so I don’t have many. We get 3 cards to a pack here.
  • Hope I don’t get any repeats today, there’s 1 free pack with the album.
  • It’s only 6.30pm and I want my PJs already! Damn you daylight savings!

On This Day 2012

  • Wisdom Tooth Removal update
    • Managed to open my mouth a bit today, tried to go without pain meds yesterday, big mistake. I passed out in the bathroom.
    • I get my stitches out on 30th. I’m worried I can’t open my mouth enough to get my stitches out, sure the dentist will find a way. 😜