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Tom Nook amiibo

I’ll be there with Bells on! Ho ho!

The Tom Nook amiibo is super photogenic, which is great because I haven’t stopped taking pics of him. He’s the perfect addition to any Animal Crossing amiibo collection.

This is a rather serious look for him compared with his casual Animal Crossing New Horizons island attire. I’d love to see an amiibo of Tom in his leaf print shirt, smiling.

Tom is dressed in his green argyle sweater and looking very displeased with my loan situation. He has two hungry nephews to clothe and feed after all! The paintwork and detail on this amiibo is spot on, especially the wool knit look to his sweater and the gradient down from his face and snout.

Tom Nook amiibo Green Sweater | Animal Crossing
Tom Nook Animal Crossing Amiibo

Tom stands firmly on both legs, without any of those weird transparent amiibo supports that are common on the more delicate figures. The stand itself is brown and sand colour, with the familiar triangular Animal Crossing grass pattern on top of that.

He’s one of the only Animal Crossing amiibo that I’ve unboxed but stay tuned for more as I want to improve my toy photography.

Do you have an amiibo collection?

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