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Toilets in Video Games

Let’s explore the weird and wonderful world of toilets in video games.

It’s no secret that I have an odd sense of humour so I often find it hilarious and intriguing when there are bathrooms in games.  Even better if your character can use them!

Toilets in Video Games | Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Super Toilet
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Super Toilet | Is there any other kind?

Behold my wonderful screenshot collection of toilets in games.  

As I find them I will add them to this post and let you know a bit more about the game.  I’ve been logging them for a while. (Heheh *logging*… log, never mind) 😅

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons has an IMPRESSIVE toilet and bathroom collection including bidets, urinals and toilet plunger decorations.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toilets
Animal Crossing New Horizons Toilets

First we will start off with the tankless toilet. It is a simple design which like the other ACNH toilets can be used to ‘get rid of’ fruit and edibles. It makes a flushing noise and as there is no cistern it lines up to the wall nicely. This is one of my favourites.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tankless Toilet

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Let’s not forget the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp app game in this amazing lineup. Just look at this very pretty pink Super Toilet.

This has buttons and is on the cutting edge of technology. So fantastic that we even got a spectator! Jacques, please! When you gotta go, you gotta go. (Maybe I need to build a privacy wall) 😅

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Super Toilet
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Super Toilet


Waiting patiently for the new Bugsnax DLC Isle of Bigsnax to release, there’s an air of nervous excitement. Good job there’s a toilet nearby, which is more of a wooden shack with a seated hole. At least there’s toilet paper, 3 rolls just to be sure. 😅

Bugsnax Toilet
Bugsnax Toilet

The Sims

As I was going through The Sims 4 tutorial, I was delighted to find a toilet so clean, it would make Mrs Hinch proud. Bonus points for this one as it can be used by your Sim and it looks like it has a bit of blue disinfectant in it. Spotless!

The Sims 4 Toilet
The Sims 4 Toilet


“¿Dondé está el baño?” is probably one of the first and most important Spanish phrases I learnt. 😅

As a daily user of Duolingo I always appreciate there cute graphic style and now this shiny bathroom and toilet set up. There’s even a fresh blue hand towel to use after washing our hands.

Duolingo baño
Duolingo baño

Have you spotted a video game toilet? Let me know in the comments below, the weirder the better. 🤣🚽

Thanks for reading
Vikki 💖🎮