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Makeup + Toiletries Haul

Hey friends, happy Friday! 🙌🏼

Yesterday we had a bit of a spree at Primor, which I mentioned in the last post. With the pandemic and everything, it’s been months since we went and basically it sells everything from Soap and Glory to Asian skincare and kawaii stationery.

Since April I’ve had a few issues with my skin and so I wanted to make sure I was buying the right things this time.

Toiletries Haul

I picked up the Lancaster Sun 365 facial tanner which was exactly what I was looking for in a fake tan for the face and worth paying a bit more for. (Yes I know, I live in a hot country why use fake tan? My skin will thank me one day for staying out of the sun I guess)

I was so pleased to pick up a Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo Refillable Bottle. It came filled so next time I will just buy the pouch which is 60% less plastic. It was so luxurious to finally get some Soap and Glory, especially the Flake Away scrub which left my skin so soft.

Primor makeup and toiletries haul
Primor makeup and toiletries haul

Of course once I unpacked all of this onto our dining table I panicked a little on what was currently in the bathroom. A mess really. I had many trial and error cheaper items that I’d picked up over the past few months, and basically my toiletries shelf was a bit of a disaster.

Toiletries Declutter

So I grabbed a carrier bag and just put everything from the shelf into the bag and took it to the table. Then I used the KonMari method to sort it out into group or piles. Eye pencils in one pile, deodorant in another group and so on. Then I checked to see the state of things and if I had bought a replacement, the older item went into a bigger pile to dispose of.

I’m not sure why I keep deodorants once they have emptied? 🙈. Much of the other stuff was out of date or irritated my skin.

Makeup and Toiletries Declutter
This is everything I got rid of

I kept going through categories like this until I had a lot less than I started with and the thought of putting the new items in the bathroom didn’t seem as overwhelming.

Since the pandemic we started to use a cupboard in our spare bedroom to store things we buy in bulk like shower gel, mouthwash and toothpaste. The tourist supermarkets don’t always have what we like or charge more, so it’s worth stocking up.

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