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Time To Chill

This morning I woke up with a fuzzy headache, pretty sure it’s the weather as summer just came out of nowhere. E and I had a few errands to run along the coast so after that we stopped at a cute little cafe and sat outside. We sat there for about an hour chatting and chilling out under a large umbrella, appreciating the moment and the fact that we didn’t need to be anywhere else.

Bitmoji Stay Cool

If you read yesterday’s post where I said goodbye to Twitter you will know that I have no longer have social media for this blog. It was so nice to actually sit and have nothing to check on my phone, or feel like I’m missing out on something or need to reply. I’m also becoming more observant when in the car while E drives, I’m noticing more things that I would otherwise have missed as I had my head in my phone.

On This Day 2020

Leaving the UK was the best thing I ever did.

On This Day 2018

So frustrating! I just got an opportunity for a free nerdy subscription box to my travel website email where I don’t write about anything like that. Shame I can’t apply for Cuteek, apparently I don’t have enough social followers. It was such a cool box. I think they were just looking at numbers.

On This Day 2017

  • The Diary of a Blogger
    • Typing a keyword into Youtube hoping to find smaller YouTubers but I’m sifting through pages of massive accounts, following and views. I wish there was a secondary filter to show accounts of users with lower followings. There must be so many talented unseen peeps out there.
    • It’s like the big ones get bigger and the small get smaller.
    • I don’t want to have to follow a load of random accounts for a follow back to make my account look bigger coz they won’t be genuine follows. Social media sucks!
    • Maybe it’s time that I create a new internet like Pied Piper do in Silicon Valley. Could be a good app. UnderTube or UnderGram. Once you hit 5,000 followers you’re out of the club. Haha
    • 719 words written
    • *saves post *
    • need to edit a video + images to go with it
    • mañana mañana
    • I also filmed a YouTube video but I’m not sure if I want to post it. Having a bit of a tired meh day. Need a cheesy movie and snacks I think.
  • Minimalism Journey
    • We have 9 donation bags ready to go again today!
    • Struggle is real. I don’t know where it comes from. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired from it all today.
    • This is how much makeup I got rid of the last time I KonMari’d my makeup drawer.
Decluttering my makeup

On This Day 2016

There’s nothing happy about Brexit. 🙄