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This Drink I Like It + Day 12 of Fitness Gaming

Today was very much a two coffee Sunday. We were at one of our favourite coffee places and it was a case of “This drink, I like it. ANOTHER!”

This drink I like it, another!!!!

It’s been another hot day but I think we might have a storm coming which as a bit of a weather nerd, I am quite excited about. They call the Canary Islands the hurricane factory as they are usual brewed here and then grow as they move across to the west Atlantic. Although this time it looks like we might get some weather as a result.

This afternoon my friend Cat (Creatively Cat on Twitter) did her first ever Twitch stream and I’m so glad I caught it. It was a lot of fun chatting as she played The Sims and decorating her house with a hazardous staircase and of course plenty of curtains 😅 (she’s just started watching YOU on Netflix).

Cat’s new to Twitch so drop her a follow if you enjoy The Sims and a good chat.

Day 12/30 Fitness Gaming Challenge

After yesterday’s return to Ring Fit Adventure, I decided to stick with it and after my evening Pokewalk I picked up the Ring. Several Ring Fitters have given me advice on trying out the custom mode for those days when Adventure Mode seems a bit much or to change it up. So on Custom I added a bunch of arm skills, some of which were completely new to me. I also have yoga as a list. I was so glad to see Tipp before and after this set for some stretching.

Ring Fit Adventure Custom Arm Workout
Ring Fit Adventure Custom Arm Workout

Some new arm skills: Overhead Arm Spin (not a fan), Shoulder Press (another new fave), Tricep Kickback and Back Press.

I enjoyed myself and although the calories burned was low, I know the strength and muscle work is going to be very beneficial. I’m still getting some niggle pains in my flank and I think I might actually buy a sports back support or waist trimmer.

My specialist advised me to wear one of these before I had my two kidney surgeries and it did help. It squishes the kidneys back up into place and feels like a nice hug. 😅 I guess I have weak spots and I certainly don’t want any relapse, so this might be the way to go for me.

On This Day 2015

  • Currently travelling back from Disneyland Paris so I’ll be sharing my goodies here on the blog soon.
  • I really want the Jack Skellington Tsum Tsum but Disneyland Paris didn’t have them anywhere!

On This Day 2011

Went to Primark and didn’t buy anything! 😱 There were some cute graphic tees but nothing I desperately needed.