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The Geekiest Jobs On Planet Earth

If you class yourself as a geek bordering on nerd, then the chances are that you want to do something in your professional life that satisfies your thirst for all things geeky. Sure, you can play video games in your spare time, head to Comic Con whenever it’s in town ...

If you class yourself as a geek bordering on nerd, then the chances are that you want to do something in your professional life that satisfies your thirst for all things geeky. Sure, you can play video games in your spare time, head to Comic Con whenever it’s in town and enjoy those evenings in on a cold winter’s night playing scrabble, World of Warcraft or simply box set binging the original Star Trek.

LEGO Dimensions minifigs

However, what about those eight hours every day when you are earning a living? Shelf stacking is tedious, the daily commute is a grind, and customer service roles aren’t doing it for you. You don’t want to be stuck in an office behind a desk doing boring data entry, compiling emails and answering telephones. You want to be embracing your geekiness in every aspect of your life.

You might be into algebraic maths, calculating, trigonometry, astrophysics, history or equations. Nowadays, the world of geekdom isn’t seen as an alien realm to normal folk anymore. If anything, embracing your geeky side is viewed as achingly cool and hip. Who’d have thought it? Being a geek is now cool. Take a look at the sorts of careers you could launch yourself into if you want to continue your quest for a fulfilling and geeky professional life.

Rocket Scientist

Ok, so really you’ll actually be an aeronautical engineer, but to anyone who asks at a dinner party, you are a rocket scientist. Forget the thick rimmed glasses, crazy hair and old man crazy scientist of the caricatures. Rocket scientists are the ultimate in expressing their geekiness.

With a head for numbers, solving equations and mathematical puzzles, and an ability to get your head around all sorts of space jargon and astrophysics mumbo jumbo, you will have the opportunity to design and create aircraft and objects that fly into space.

Geekiest Jobs on Planet Earth

You could choose to specialise in structural analysis, avionics or propulsion. Using your masters and postgraduate qualification, you could start working for Nasa, working on the development of space programmes, satellite launches and probe exploration. Working alongside fellow geeks such as astronauts, botanists, scientists and astrophysicists, you will have a role to play in space discovery and exploration.

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Alternatively, you could work for the armed forces specialising in the development of stealth aircraft. Or you might work commercially working on advancements for passenger planes, revolutionising air travel as we know it.

App Developer

If you are a hardcore gamer and love all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, then you might want to explore the world of app development. Working remotely or from home, you could set up your own business designing ecommerce style apps to link to a company website or two, a fashion house or a bookstore. You might find yourself developing the latest gaming app, novelty Christmas app or analytical app for retailers. The world is your oyster, and you can choose to specialise in whatever sort of app development you like.

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With a head for coding, Javascript and all sorts of weird and wonderful algorithms, you could design the next set of apps that are all the rage for consumers and businesses alike. If you fancy working for a large silicon valley company like Dell or Apple, you can. But you can also choose to work independently and strike out on your own.

Comic Artist

If your geekiness resides in something a little more artistic, you might fancy trying your hand at comic book or graphic novel writing. If you are into art, love nothing more than picking up your graphics tablet for a doodle now and again, and enjoy creating new characters, storylines and animations, then you could have all the makings of a superb comic book artist.

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Stan Lee may be a hero of yours, and you might be keen to dream up the next revolutionary superhero. With any luck, you can design a plot to go along with your set of characters, create a stunning graphic novel and even sell the film rights to a studio.

Comic books used to be the realm of niche audiences a la Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. However, with the emergence of Marvel and DC on the big screen, Suicide Squad, Batman and The Avengers have never been so on trend and popular. While the pendulum has swung in this geeky sphere’s favour, now might be the right time to ditch the nine to five and have a go at turning one of your passions into a full time career.

Sports Journalist

If your area of geek specialism is sports, the chances are that you love memorising and knowing nerdy sports facts rather than playing the actual sports themselves. If you adore baseball and know the home run top scorers in every league for the past five decades, you probably have the makings of a great sports journalist.

Every writer has their specialism, whether it’s ice hockey, horse racing or football even esports! If you love immersing yourself in the world of sports, why not try and pass on your enthusiasm through your writing. Review some games, get some experience at your local newspaper and try to break into the journalistic field.

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If you are mad about sports, you might even want to teach about it. Plenty of doctorate programs now offer sports psychology, sports science and sports journalism as specialisms. If you have the qualifications and you are passionate about teaching others how to use their geekiness to the optimum, becoming an academic and teaching about sports could be for you.

While you may have had a hard time at school if you were a bona fide geek, in the twenty first century you can come into your own. All things geeky are now celebrated. Individuality is craved, and because you choose not to follow trends and fashions, and you strive to be your own person, you are the height of coolness. Embrace your geek persona and find yourself fulfilled professionally by following this ultimate guide to the geekiest jobs on planet Earth.

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