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Star Wars Day 2021 Geek Tshirt

Geek Life Lately 27

Happy (whatever day it is when you are reading this) and welcome to another Geek Life Lately! Last week we celebrated Star Wars Day, which is really 3 days if you count Revenge of the Fifth and Return of the Sixth, it should be a 3 day holiday. To commemorate ...

Happy (whatever day it is when you are reading this) and welcome to another Geek Life Lately!

Last week we celebrated Star Wars Day, which is really 3 days if you count Revenge of the Fifth and Return of the Sixth, it should be a 3 day holiday. To commemorate May The Forth, I live streamed Battlefront 2015 on YouTube, which was a good laugh, included me playing terribly, doing Wookie impressions and chasing Ewoks. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks again to all who stopped by!

Star Wars Day 2021 Geek Tshirt
I love this Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker t-shirt so much, I have two ๐Ÿ˜† (pic from just before the pandemic hence no mask)

I hit a milestone of 140 YouTube subscribers this week so I was pretty chuffed. I have a ton of Animal Crossing content and more geeky lifestyle videos on the way too, so I’d love it if you dropped me a sub.

Aghh I need to go to the Dentist

I had planned on streaming yesterday (was aiming for lazy Sunday streams) but I’ve had some gnarly migraines on and off all week. I think it’s a combo of my usual tension migraines and toothache, so I made an appointment for the dentist, which is coming up this week.

No ideaa why I get so anxious about going to the dentist when I’ve endured 2 kidney surgeries. Have to remind myself this and use some positive Jedi mantras. I am one with the Force….


What’s that song I can’t stop singing, the tv show I’m bingeing and what ever else I’m raving about this week? This week we took Chester and Cooper for a nice walk, a drive and a McDonalds. After our food, the four of us crashed out on the sofa for an epic siesta.


I’m getting so close to my 200 day streak on Duolingo! My subscription ran out but the free version of the app is awesome and I still have a lot to learn. As you might know from last week, I jumped into round 2 of 100 Days Of Code, because of my migraines, I haven’t been able to do much and I feel bad about it, but health comes first. I’m rethinking my coding studies because of this.


Short stories are my thing when I’m not 100% so I dipped into the creepy stories section of the Libby app and read The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs. It’s a mega creepy twist on the whole 3 wishes legend.

It was the perfect read for snuggling down in the covers and one that I could picture in my head, right down to the crackling log fire and decor. Apparently this was the inspiration for Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery, which I haven’t read or seen, but you can see why it would inspire. A short book with a great impact, give it a try.


We checked out some streaming gear at Mediamarkt this week but man, capture cards are so expensive! The cheaper ones we saw weren’t even compatible with Mac so that wasn’t an option, amazon doesn’t send a lot of stuff like that to the Canary Islands, so I might have to send something to my parents in UK and get them to send it on.

We also dropped into GAME and as always were given some great advice by the friendly staff, including a work around for streaming Animal Crossing and Switch games until my capture card arrives.

I usually end the month not know what games I got or downloaded so I started a list and will be doing a Monthly Pickups video / blog post as inspired by Martin’s Games.


Don’t even ask haha. The Ring Fit Adventure Club continues but I’ve basically been a sloth this week when it comes to fitness. I’ll get back on track after my dental work.


I was pleasantly surprised with Star Wars The Bad Batch. It’s about a group of defective clones with minds of their own. My favourite character so far is Wrecker. Episode 3 can’t come quick enough. No spoilers, but I fully recommend it.

Yesterday we sat down to watch the new Bill and Ted film but after 20 minutes we switched it off. This is nothing against the actors because Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are amazing, but it just all felt a bit too forced and I decided to leave the very excellent memories of the original films in my head.

Did you watch either of these?


This week’s earworm is I’m Feeling It by Sunset Bros X Mark McCabe. I can’t listen to this song enough, it reminds me of Canary Island summers, beach vibes, adventures and better things to come. Plus it’s a sample of one of my fave dance tunes ever Beach Ball by Nalin and Kane.

I’m Feeling It by Sunset Bros X Mark McCabe

How are you and what have you been doing this week?

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