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The Cozy Urge | The Daily Geek 354

The cosy urge to:

  • fall asleep playing Animal Crossing
  • blog from bed with tea and my heating pad
  • play video games snuggled up on the sofa
  • make a duvet burrito and listen to rain lofi
  • change from pjs into fresh pjs
  • turn all the lights out except for the fairy lights on the Christmas tree
  • read a book that brings back sweet memories
  • wrap presents by the netflix fireplace
  • curl up with my dogs and listen to them snore

These are just a few cozy things I was thinking about this evening. I can’t believe we are so close to the end of the year, it also means that I will be wrapping up this daily blogging project and getting back to a normal blogging schedule. I know I said I wasn’t going to do it this year but I feel like The Daily Geek deserved proper closure as I added the last of my social media posts and tidied up. If you are new here, I quit social media and archived it all on my blog. We’re talking years and years of Tweets and and Facebook posts, yep even the cringe ones.

I did sign up for Threads app last week as we finally got access to it in Europe. It’s my only active social media and although it is tied to my Instagram account, I still don’t post pics on my IG grid. I figured I needed something with an inbox for future giveaways, so follow here if you like: threads.net/@cuteek

In other news, the official Cuteek YouTube channel is getting SUPER close to 3,000 subs! I’m so thankful to everyone who has interacted with the channel and the amazing community we’ve built especially in the last few months. It’s exciting to see where this goes and although it would be nice to monetize my channel again someday, it’s not my main goal. Funnily enough, once I accepted that, I actually started to gain more views and subs. lol

It’s getting late here and I’m tired so enjoy this photo of Cooper taking a nap. 🐾💖

Blue Chihuahua Sleeping after lunch

On This Day 2020

LEGO Harry Potter is a a great game for some Christmas fun and the soundtrack. Animal Crossing New Horizons’ holiday events have been awesome so far (except for Bunny Day LOL)

On This Day 2017

My instagram follow count keeps going down because I block spammy accounts from following me. I’d rather have actual followers than bots, it messes with the algorithm. I actually don’t mind when I get unfollowers because I don’t want people who don’t enjoy my pics keeping me in their feeds for the sake of it.

On This Day 2016

  • A package from Prophecy Girl just arrived, I’m so excited.
  • I covered 4,023 kilometers with my Fitbit and earned the Monarch Migration badge

On This Day 2014

  • Tea and cake at the beach with Dad. Blessed!
  • May have upset Johnny Vegas on Twitter this morning. Oops! ;D
  • Update: we are besties now 😉
  • Kidney is having a dance lol 💃💃💃
  • can we all appreciate that there is a place in Turkey called Batman!

On This Day 2010

  • watching Cheech and Chong 🙂

On This Day 2009

  • good morning world…….🙂
  • Sitting under my parasol its so hot today 🙂 partying tonight woohoo (future me is wondering who this is)
  • Some people have got a bleedin cheek! (ooh drama – future me has no idea what this was about)

On This Day 2008

  • is going to clean her house….see you in 3 days 😉
  • is wrapping Christmas and Reyes presents…. sick of cleaning now

Thanks for reading,
Vikki ✨