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The Backlog Challenge

Ahh the dreaded gaming backlog. If you are a gamer then it’s very likely that you have an overwhelming backlog of games to play and don’t know where to get started. With digital copies, retro games and even more if you are subscribed to any services like PlayStation plus or Nintendo Switch Online. So I may have a solution for you. Introducing.. the Backlog Challenge!

Cuteek Backlog Challenge
even Blythe is overwhelmed

There are a few ways to join in and it all depends on how many games you have, whether you are sticking to one console or just want something different each time. Here are some fun ways to choose which game to play next.

The Lucky Dip – 30 Games in 30 Days

Write down the names of the top 30 games you would like to play from your backlog onto small bits of paper, fold them up and pop them in a jar or tub. Pick on out and play it. You can decide if you give the game an hour, a week or trophy hunt. Once you are done, pick another. The great thing with this is you can play 30 games in 30 days!

The Name Game – Play a Game for Each Letter of Your Name

Take your first name or gamertag and play a game for each letter of your name. I would use Cuteek so my first game will start with C, then second with U and so on. This might be fun to try out some totally different games from genres you wouldn’t usually pick up so have fun with it. If you get through your name, move onto your pet’s name next and do the same. This is a fun challenge to do in a month as you can spend more time on each game.

The Z to A Challenge – Play a game starting with Z through A

Instead of going through A to Z, switch it up and go Z to A. This is great if you can find a fully categorized list of the games you want to play and add them to a spreadsheet or notes on your phone to go through them. You don’t have to play EVERY game in each letter, but you can choose one and you will have played 26 by the end of the challenge.

Ask a Friend – Get someone else to pick your next game

If you are still understandably overwhelmed with your gaming backlog, then ask someone else to choose your next game for you. This can be in the form of polls on social media or you could even ask a member of the family who doesn’t know anything about gaming to look at a list and pick one based on the name.

Comfort Zone Games Challenge – 5 games that are outside of your usual genre

You may surprise yourself and find a new favourite game by trying different genres. Do you play a lot of FPS games? Try a cozy game and see what you think. Are you a dedicated Animal Crossing player? Why not try some retro games or check out a mystery game.

The number one thing is to have fun with this. The reason I created this challenge is because I’m looking to work through the PlayStation+ catalog and there’s just SO many games to play. Feel free to join in and share this post for others.

I hope this gave you some ideas on where to start and if you post about it on social media then please join me in using the hashtag #BacklogChallenge and tag me @cuteekcom on twitter so I can check out how you are progressing!

So, what’s going to be your first game? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 👾