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Intro to Coding and Design Future Learn Course

Intro to Coding and Design Free Course

Intro to Coding and Design Course with Future Learn I needed something challenging to keep my mind off of things so I enrolled in Intro to Coding and Design with Future Learn. I heard about Future Learn via a friend and decided to check it … Read more

iPad Swimming Pool

How To Remove Instagram Followers and Beat the IG Algorithm

If high social following numbers are your thing then you probably won’t be interested in this post as after following the steps, YOUR INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS COUNT WILL GO DOWN.  But… In turn, you will have more quality followers on Instagram and in turn YOUR ENGAGEMENT … Read more

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Fantastic Uses For Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is one of the trendiest new tech innovations, but what purpose does it actually serve? Here are just a few fantastic ways in which facial recognition technology could change our lives for the better. Securing Your Phone Modern smartphones are now incorporating facial … Read more

100 Days of Code Challenge | Learn to code for free

100 Days of Code

I’m hoping the 100 Days of Code challenge is going to help me manage my anxiety and stress that seem to have been taking over lately. It’s feels like 84 years since I last wrote a blog post on here so please bear with me … Read more

Free Online Coding Courses

Free Online Coding Courses + My Coding Journal

Do you want to learn to code but have no idea where to start? I want to share with you some awesome free online coding courses and resources that I’ve found very helpful in my learning journey. This is also going to be a coding … Read more

Fitbit Adventures Guide

Fitbit Adventures Guide

There’s nothing like a Fitbit challenge to get me power walking an extra loop around the block. The trophy hunter in me loves collecting the badges and seeing where I place on the leaderboard each day. So when Fitbit Adventures was introduced in Summer 2016, … Read more