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Take Your Action Figure to Work Day

There is a National Day for everything lately, so imagine when I heard there was a Take Your Action Figure to Work Day. Weird Holiday or not, I don’t need an excuse to nerd out.

On a normal day at my desk I’m surrounded by a variety of desk buddies, just don’t ask me about the giant peg! ????

This is actually an old photo which I need to update!

My toy collection ranges from Barbie to Funko Pops, LEGO minifigures to free Happy Meal toys.

Back when I didn’t have any Funkos on my desk, GeyperMan filled in. Although he is less of an action man now and more of a romantic since I customized him into a Jack Skellington doll.

I used to customize a doll every Halloween. That’s for another post. Ha!

action figure

How to celebrate Take Your Action Figure to Work Day

  • Take your action figure to work on Friday March 6th 2020
  • Snap a selfie or something creative with your action figure
  • Upload it to social media with the hashtag #AFWD2020

Sound good? Get snapping, I’ll be RT’ing my favourites on Twitter and checking them out on Instagram too!