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Bitmoji on treadmill chasing pizza

November Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

November is my birthday month and how better to celebrate than with some self-care in the form of nutritious food and exercise. I’m SO ready for this month’s fitness gaming challenge. Life is a bit different now since I’ve quit all remaining social media, so … Read more

12 Minute Bedtime Yoga With Adriene

12 Minute Bedtime Yoga

This 12 minute bedtime Yoga with Adriene is ideal for winding down after a long day. Get comfy and find what feels good with Adriene and Benji the dog in this relaxing yoga session. Just 12 minutes can make a huge difference to your quality … Read more

Fitness Boxing 2 Demo

July Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

I’m so excited to announce that the 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge is back for July! Each day I’ll be updating my progress here on the blog with workout photos, motivation and videos. My goal is to be Fit at 40, which is a long … Read more

100 Days Of Yoga Challenge

100 Days of Yoga Challenge

Are you feeling a bit meh and looking for a challenge? I was feeling like that so I decided to make the commitment to 100 Days of Yoga (I nearly wrote Yoda haha). Ok so now I have to add a Yoda quote: “You must … Read more

30 Days of Yoga

30 Days of Yoga Challenge

Did you know I recently turned into a couch potato? I’m blaming the hot Canary Island sunshine and binging on Lost for the last 2 months. Alas, it’s time to fix that so I started the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge with Adriene. I’m going … Read more