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Star Wars A New Hope

Happy New Years Eve | Geek Blog 366

Happy New Years Eve and welcome to the last blog post of the year here on Cuteek.com I hope you are well and that the next year finds you safe and healthy. May The Force Be With You! This is the final Daily Geek Blog … Read more

first day of winter | gaming by the christmas tree

First Day of Winter | The Daily Geek 356

Happy First Day of Winter! Cozy season is in full swing. This means early morning gaming by the Christmas tree and chocolate for breakfast are totally acceptable right? πŸ˜… My game of choice is The Grinch Christmas Adventures which is perfect for this time of … Read more

Cafe Cortado Largo con Canela

Free Coffee | The Daily Geek 355

What’s better than coffee? Free coffee!!! I was delighted to get a free cup today and will be paying it forward the next chance I get. Honestly I need unlimited refills today, we’re so close to Christmas and there’s so much to do as I’m … Read more

Blue Chihuahua Sleeping after lunch

The Cozy Urge | The Daily Geek 354

The cosy urge to: These are just a few cozy things I was thinking about this evening. I can’t believe we are so close to the end of the year, it also means that I will be wrapping up this daily blogging project and getting … Read more

Mean Girls Day Get in Loser GIF

Mean Girls Day | The Daily Geek 277

It’s October 3rd which means, Happy Mean Girls Day! πŸ’– It’s always a bonus when this day falls on a Wednesday but it’s still a great excuse to wear pink and of course you can sit with us.  Today is a great day to celebrate … Read more

first day of Fall

First Day of Fall | The Daily Geek 267

Happy first day of Fall! It’s officially Autumn at last! 🍁 Snuggly sweaters, crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice let’s go! If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start watching spooky films and cozy small town shows like The Good Witch or Gilmore … Read more