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instagram is dead to me

Instagram Is Dead To Me

Instagram is dead to me! I had been weaning myself off of Instagram for the past few years it seems, trying to quit and now I’m finally over it. I’ve not looked back, although I did have a brief slip up in Summer 2023 where … Read more

I Quit Social Media

I Quit Social Media

Well, there it is. I quit social media (again) I’m sick of feeling drained, inadequate and trying to keep up with imaginary standards. The reality of going back to a flip phone is getting closer. Is it possible to be a blogger or small business … Read more

Dumpster Fire

WTF is Happening With Twitter?

Hi geeks! While I’ve been updating my fitness gaming journey regularly on here, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared an opinion piece. Hopefully by the end of this post, so eloquently titled WTF is Happening With Twitter?, I will have explained some concerning … Read more

Instagram Pinned Posts

Instagram Pinned Posts

Instagram have rolled out yet another feature which similar to Twitter allows you to select a post from your main grid and pin it to the top. Each user is allowed 3 Instagram pinned posts, these can be in the form of Reels, image or … Read more

Bitmoji waving from laptop

My Twitter Account Has Gone!

Hello there! I may or may not have forgotten how to blog. 😅 In other news, my Twitter account has gone, more on that in a minute. It’s almost two months since the last post on here. I’ve been busy with life, working and working … Read more

pineapple in the water | instagram business tips

5 Instagram Business Mistakes and how to fix them NOW!

5 Instagram Business Mistakes and how to fix them NOW! Is your business making any of these Instagram mistakes? Have no fear, I’m here to tell you how to fix them with actionable tips you can implement into your social media strategy. 1. Using the … Read more