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Rambo the Silky Terrier in his Swimming Pool

Rambo Goes Swimming

Happiness is a day at the pool It’s finally warm enough for Rambo to go in his little pool. 🦊💦 He’s having the best day! Underneath all that hair, he’s tiny, so a 25 litre washing up bowl is perfect for him.

Adidas Rita Ora Yorkshire Terrier TShirt

Adidas Rita Ora Yorkshire Terrier T-Shirt

Have you seen the Adidas Rita Ora collections? They are possibly my favourite thing since the Missy Elliot Adidas collaboration! There are some really cool pieces inspired by Japanese geishas (there is an actual kimono) there’s a comic book and dogs collection too. Adidas Rita … Read more

Rambo the Yorkshire Terrier


I really want to tell you about a very nice day I had with my Fiancé and little dog on Thursday. My dog Rambo is getting on now, he’s a 70 year old man trapped in the body of a 12 year old Silky Terrier. … Read more

Silky Terrier Wearing a Cone of Shame or Lampshade after surgery

Silky Terrier Meniscus Surgery

Rambo Gets Knee Surgery If your dog needs knee surgery, specifically meniscus repair then read on, our senior dog really benefited from this surgery and lived to 16 years old. He sadly passed away from kidney illness and old age. He had this surgery age … Read more