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Pretty Little Liars Clues

Pretty Little Liars Clues and Theories

Can you believe that the PLL Finale is finally here? Twitter has gone absolutely nuts tonight and last minute theories are flying across the internet as we try to figure out ‘Who is A?’ The lovely people at ABCFamily are releasing clues about A for … Read more

Byron is A

Pretty Little Liars Theories: Alison had a baby

PLL day is here again and before tonight’s episode, I’d like to share some Pretty Little Liars Theories with you. Rewind back to 2013, I actually mentioned this in my first PLL theory blog post. Alison had a baby What? How? When? Ok, here’s where … Read more

Pretty Little Liars Theories

Pretty Little Liars Theories: Varjak

As all PLL fans know, there are only a couple of episodes left until the #BigAReveal! The internet is going crazier than usual with Pretty Little Liars theories and Marlene has hinted yet another clue via Twitter. Varjak is the name that Cyrus wrote down … Read more

Ella is A

Pretty Little Liars Theory: Ella is A

So this week especially I’ve been so frustrated wondering who A is in Pretty Little Liars. Keegan Allen who plays Toby just revealed some juicy secrets in his latest interview: I do know who ‘[A]’ is and what I love about who it is is … Read more

Disney City Girl Pretty Little Liars Event

Pretty Little Liars and Disney City Girl have teamed up once again for Halloween with the Disney City Girl Pretty Little Liars Event and to celebrate the nearing of the PLL Halloween Special. Much like when we had to collect items to get the pets … Read more

Pretty Little Liars Theories

Pretty Little Liars Theories

My PLL Theories I’ve been having tweeting a lot about the latest goings on in PLL. I have all these crazy Pretty Little Liars theories, so if you don’t want any possible spoilers you may want to skip this. So in the last episode Ali’s … Read more