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Animal Crossing New Horizons T-shirt | ACNH Day One

ACNH Day One

I’m going on an adventure! It’s always a good time to escape into the world of Animal Crossing New Horizons. So, I thought I’d share my ACNH Day one adventures with you which actually began late at night on 19th March 2020. I made all … Read more

Luigi Nintendo 3DSXL Special Edition

Luigi Nintendo 3DSXL Special Edition

New Leaf was my first Animal Crossing game – I got it the same day as this Luigi 3DSXL 30th Anniversary edition. (Before that I had the original Pink Nintendo DS so this was quite the upgrade.) When I bought this, I wanted the Animal … Read more

Zelda Shirts | Geek Fashion

Zelda Shirts by Prophecy Girl

These amazing ladies Zelda shirts were a lovely gift from British geek clothing brand Prophecy Girl whom I’ve purchased from in the past. I suppose you could call these blouses rather than shirts. The type you could wear to the office and until you get … Read more

Super Mario Odyssey Sombrero Screenshot

Super Mario Odyssey Sombrero

It’s fair to say I played a LOT of Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch when it released but not nearly enough. I get sidetracked far too easily and end up collecting outfits and taking screenshots instead of playing haha, like this one of Mario … Read more

New Animal Crossing amiibo cards

New Animal Crossing amiibo Cards + Anniversary

In 2013 I discovered the world of Animal Crossing. New Leaf was my first experience with the series and today I am celebrating my anniversary as Mayor! I also have some new Animal Crossing amiibo cards to show you. This game just gets me. The … Read more

Animal Crossing amiibo card collectors album

Animal Crossing amiibo Collectors Album

Are you as obssessed with Animal Crossing as I am? Those little personalities are hard not to love! Of course I HAD to get Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer the day it came out! Nintendo must be run by Tom Nook as I just want … Read more