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October Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

Spooky scary skeletons! It’s Spooktober 🎃 my favourite month and time for the second edition of the October Fitness Gaming challenge. Here’s how I got on in October 2021. As it’s getting close to my 41st birthday, I’m still working towards my Fit at 40 … Read more

playing Nintendo Switch Sports

September Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

September is a time for fresh starts! Maybe you are back to school or back to work after a long summer but a new month is always promising. So let’s make some goals and get ready for the September edition of the 30 Day Fitness … Read more

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Nintendo Switch

Little Friends Dogs and Cats Review

Little Friends Dogs and Cats is sort of like Nintendogs for the Nintendo Switch. You can pet, dress and play with your virtual dog or cat. Words cannot describe how excited I was to start playing and take a trillion screenshots and videos of my … Read more