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Green Filofax notebook and Blog Post Ideas

Too Many Notebooks Spoil The Broth

Too many notebooks spoil the broth! 😜 My big focus for the week ahead is decluttering our home office (I can see it taking longer 😆). Minimalism is AN EFFORT! As I’ve been picking through things, I’ve found forgotten notebooks FULL OF FREAKING BLOG POST … Read more

Vacuum Packed Beanie Babies

Remote Decluttering + Getting Organized

Yikes, looks like I stepped away from blogging again didn’t I? To be fair this daily blogging is still very experimental and I have nothing to prove to anybody but myself, but there are many benefits of writing every day, so let’s keep going! 😜 … Read more

Messy Minimalist Challenge

Messy Minimalist Challenge

This might seem strange coming from someone who collects stuff (Funko Pops and amiibo) but I’m actually a minimalist. ???? A messy minimalist anyway. Join me as I take part in the Messy Minimalist Challenge where I will get rid of 10 items everyday from … Read more